The current COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way that we live our daily lives, and each of us have had to learn new ways to interact with the world. In many ways we are more isolated – sequestered in our homes, physically distanced when in public, separated from others by masks and gloves.

However, the roadblocks thrown up by the coronavirus have also pushed us to find new ways to connect. Many people who had never before participated in a video conference are now virtually “gathering” with friends on a regular basis. The entertainment industry has also adapted, and at this point we have all seen entertainment content consisting of performers interacting from their individual homes via video conferencing software.

Josh Gad, star of stage and screen (perhaps most widely known as the voice of Olaf in Disney’s Frozen films) is using video conferencing to bring together the cast and crews of some of the films he loves the most, forming a new web series called Reunited Apart. Of particular note to time travel fans, Gad reunited the key performers and creators of the Back to the Future films in the second episode of the series. Better yet, Gad is using the event to raise awareness and money for Project Hope, an organization which provides much needed equipment and support to medical professionals, such as masks needed in battling COVID-19.

While fans of the films have no doubt seen mini-reunions of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson on talks shows in the past, Gad really pulled out all the stops, gathering many more personalities for the event. Rather than spoil the surprise, we’ll let you discover them all by watching the video below – be sure to watch through to the end to catch everyone.

(You can donate to Project Hope from within Gad’s video, but in case you won’t be watching the video right this moment and want to donate now, click this link: Project Hope)

After the event, Gad also had one follow-up video which fans of the films will want to see. Don’t miss it…


Spoilers below – go back and watch the videos or proceed at your own risk!

If you’ve seen the first video above in full, you now know that toward the end another three dozen performers appear, singing a number from Back to the Future: The Musical. Haven’t heard of it? Here’s a bit of background:

As early as 2004, Bob Gale mentioned publicly that he thought Back to the Future was fertile ground for adaptation as a musical. In February 2012, it was announced that work had begun on just such a project and that the idea had been explored for around eight years. Work continued, with the intent of opening the show in 2015 in time for the 30th anniversary of the original film. However due to creative difference between Robert Zemeckis and the show’s director at that time, the show was delayed. Years passed, but the show finally opened in February, 2020 at the Manchester Opera House.

So, after years of development time and delays, the show finally opened. But, after a week of performances, the Opera House was forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The show will most likely open again when public performances become part of our world again, but for now, the public will have to wait. Seems like the show just can’t catch a break. In the meantime, here’s a slightly longer version of the musical cast’s performance. Enjoy!


Craig Richardson
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Craig Richardson