List of Time Travel Books and Stories for Adult Audiences

Welcome to our time travel book and short story listing. Our goal is to include every novel, novella, novelette or short story ever written in which time travel plays a role. To keep the pages running quickly and smoothly, we’ve recently split our book list into two parts, this page for adult books and another for Young Adult, Middle Grade and Children’s Audiences.

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CoverTitleAuthorPublishedLengthAudienceGenreMethod of Time TravelTraveling FromTraveling ToPremiseNotes
Cover of All In Good TimeAll In Good TimeJennae Vale2/25/2017NovelAdultRomanceThistle and Hive, Book 6
Cover of SurvivorSurvivorBrett Battles2/21/2017NovelAdultScience FictionRewinder, Book 3
Cover of Beyond: TimeBeyond: TimeMay Sage2/20/2017NovelAdultScience FictionBeyond, Book 1
Cover of Time is the Only GodTime is the Only GodChris James2/16/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of BetrayalBetrayalDirk van den Boom2/15/2017NovelAdultHistorical FantasyThe Emperor's Men, Book 2
Cover of The Dead AloneThe Dead AloneCharlie S. Jackson2/15/2017NovelAdultMilitary/Alternate HistoryEmpires Lost, Book 3
Cover of Time TriggerTime TriggerAlberto Pupo2/13/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of No Way ForwardNo Way ForwardChris Towndrow2/12/2017NovelAdultScience FictionJol Markson, Book 1
Cover of A Million BodiesA Million BodiesErica Pensini2/11/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Dark EnergyDark EnergyBren Stockdale2/9/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of MammothMammothLou Cadle2/9/2017NovelAdultScience FictionDawn of Mammals, Book 5
Cover of All Our Wrong TodaysAll Our Wrong TodaysElan Mastai2/7/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Love and GravityLove and GravitySamantha Sotto2/7/2017NovelAdultFantasy / Romance
Cover of Hope RemainsHope RemainsRob Buck2/5/2017NovelAdultReligious / Science Fiction
Cover of Little Bit Out of TimeLittle Bit Out of TimeAlice White2/3/2017NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of Do  You Realize?Do You Realize?Kevin A. Kuhn2/1/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of ErasedErasedRobbi McCoy1/19/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction LGBT Romance
Cover of Time SearchTime SearchDanele J. Rotharmel1/11/2017NovelAdultScience Fiction / ReligiousTime Counselor Chronicles, Book 3
Cover of Scattered SoulsScattered SoulsErica Lucke Dean1/10/2017NovelAdultParanormal RomanceFlames of Time, Book 2
Cover of The Burning PageThe Burning PageGenevieve Cogman1/10/2017NovelAdultFantasyThe Invisible Library, Book 3
Cover of TimepieceTimepieceHeather Albano1/3/2017NovelAdultSteampunkKeeping Time, Book 1
Cover of CHARGECHARGEChris Jury, Dan Jury12/30/2016Graphic NovelAdultScience FictionArtwork by Adhitya Zulkarnaen, Pam Siega. Previously released in five digital comic issues
Cover of OdysseyOdysseyJohn Davis12/23/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Tipping PointTipping PointT.W. Scott12/21/2016NovellaAdultScience Fiction / Romance
Cover of TavishTavishJane Stain12/18/2016NovelAdultRomanceDunskey Castle, Book 1
Cover of A Girl in TimeA Girl in TimeJohn Birmingham12/16/2016NovelAdultScience FictionOn the eve of a huge, breakout success, a poor but brilliant young game developer is pulled out of her world, and time itself, by a cowboy desperately searching for the daughter he lost two hundred years ago
Cover of New York DeepNew York DeepAndrew J. Morgan12/16/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Three BroochesThe Three BroochesKatherine Lowry Logan12/16/2016NovelAdultRomanceCeltic Brooch Series, Book 6
Cover of Magic in Morgan's CrossingMagic in Morgan's CrossingJanet Wellington12/14/2016NovelAdultWestern RomanceMontana Sky series
Cover of Shadow SoldierShadow SoldierC.K. Crigger12/13/2016NovelAdultHistorical FantasyThe Gunsmith, Book 2
Cover of Guardian of the GrailGuardian of the GrailElana Bryce12/12/2016NovelAdultParanormal FantasyImmortal Blood, Book 1
Cover of Last YearLast YearRobert Charles Wilson12/6/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of In Time For ChristmasIn Time For ChristmasMonique Martin12/2/2016NovellaAdultHistorical FantasyOut of Time novella
Cover of A Magical Highland SolsticeA Magical Highland SolsticeMary Morgan11/29/2016NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of To Find YouTo Find YouCerece Rennie Murphy11/29/2016NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of A Turn In TimeA Turn In TimeJennae Vale11/27/2016NovelAdultRomanceThistle and Hive, Book 5
Cover of Dreams of the MachinesDreams of the MachinesLexi Revellian11/21/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Rats, Book 2
Cover of Prehistoric WWIIPrehistoric WWIIDane Hatchell11/17/2016NovelAdultMilitary Science Fiction
Cover of The Time Traveller's Resort and MuseumThe Time Traveller's Resort and MuseumDavid McLain11/17/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Humor
Cover of Passions Out of TimePassions Out of TimeChris Lange11/16/2016NovelAdultRomanceAn Era Apart Trilogy, Book 3
Cover of A Thief in TimeA Thief in TimeCidney Swanson11/15/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceThief in Time, Book 1
Cover of A House Out of TimeA House Out of TimeBruce Macfarlane11/1/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction RomanceThe Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester, Book 4
Cover of Time FracturedTime FracturedBrian K. Larson11/1/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Series, Book 2
Cover of Two Worlds CollidedTwo Worlds CollidedKaren Michelle Nutt10/26/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of A Taste of HoneyA Taste of HoneyKai Ashante Wilson10/25/2016NovellaAdultFantasy / LGBTSequel to The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps
Cover of REWIND 717: The Adventures of Time Traveler Agent Cole SeekerREWIND 717: The Adventures of Time Traveler Agent Cole SeekerChristian Kallias10/22/2016NovelAdultSteampunk
Cover of Start Right HereStart Right HereMartin Skate10/22/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorLou, Wendy, Antonio; they’re all related and their lives intertwine for the benefit of humankind, but how, when, and why? Start Right Here is a rollercoaster ride across time; a delectable cocktail of humour and time-travel, with a dash of romance, a dog, a monkey, and a whole lot of gin.
Cover of CubbyCubbyChristi Nogle10/19/2016Audio storyAdultScience Fiction A mother finds a routine journey into the past more dangerous than she anticipatesWinner of the Portable Stories Series contest for the Time Travel theme in 2016. Winner selected by Paul Levinson.
Cover of The TouristThe TouristRobert Dickinson10/18/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Thriller
Cover of Rendezvous with YesterdayRendezvous with YesterdayDianne Duvall10/17/2016NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of All By My SelfieAll By My SelfieJo Noelle10/16/2016NovellaAdultRomance
Cover of The Wraiths of WarThe Wraiths of WarMark Morris10/11/2016NovelAdultParanormal / Dark FantasyObsidian Heart, Book 3
Cover of Time Phantom: AmsterdamTime Phantom: AmsterdamRandy Anderson10/11/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Phantom, Book 1
Cover of Stalin's Hammer: ParisStalin's Hammer: ParisJohn Birmingham10/5/2016NovelAdultMilitaryAxis of Time: Stalin's Hammer, Book 3
Cover of A Test of Good and EvilA Test of Good and EvilYuan Jur10/4/2016NovelAdultScience FictionCitadel 7: Earth's Secret Trilogy, Book 3
Cover of So Wild A DreamSo Wild A DreamLarissa Brown10/4/2016NovelAdultRomance / Science FictionSequel to Beautiful Wreck
Cover of The Mirror in My Dorm RoomThe Mirror in My Dorm RoomLashonda Beauregard10/1/2016NoveletteAdultFantasy
Cover of Abominable ReactionAbominable ReactionJohn Castillo9/30/2016NovelAdultScience FictionGenetic Harvesters, Book 1
Cover of Between Two WorldsBetween Two WorldsJodi Hockinson9/29/2016NovelAdultFantasyLion Clan, Book 1
Cover of Jessup's DoorJessup's DoorMichael Bunker9/27/2016NoveletteAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The GradualThe GradualChristopher Priest9/27/2016NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of Time Travel: A HistoryTime Travel: A HistoryJames Gleick9/27/2016NovelAdultNonfiction
Cover of Circle of TimeCircle of TimeDebra Shiveley Welch9/23/2016NovelAdultHistorical Fantasy
Cover of The Chronos Files: Alternatives, Chapter 1The Chronos Files: Alternatives, Chapter 1Joe Pranaitis9/20/2016StoryAdultScience FictionThe Shattered Saga
Cover of A Time Before TimeA Time Before TimeBenjamin Eiffel9/19/2016NovellaAdultScience FictionA Time Before Time, Book 1
Cover of Out of the WildernessOut of the WildernessPamela Ackerson9/14/2016NovelAdultRomance / WesternWilderness series, Book 5
Cover of DecoherenceDecoherenceLiana Brooks9/13/2016NovelAdultFantasy / MysteryTime and Shadows Mystery, Book 3
Cover of Nikolas Thime: The End of My WorldNikolas Thime: The End of My WorldRix Roundtree9/13/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Scaderstone PitScaderstone PitMikey Campling9/9/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryThe Darkeningstone, Book 3
Cover of Break My HeartBreak My HeartEsther M. Soto9/8/2016NovelAdultRomantic SuspenseHeart series, Book 2
Cover of Bury the LivingBury the LivingJodi McIsaac9/6/2016NovelAdultFantasy / RomanceRevolutionary Series, Book 1
Cover of It's About TimeIt's About TimeLyle Howard9/6/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Mystery
Cover of Masked CityMasked CityGenevieve Cogman9/6/2016NovelAdultFantasyThe Invisible Library, Book 2
Cover of War of the HeartWar of the HeartJenna Victoria9/5/2016NovelAdultRomance / ReligiousSnow Globe Christmas Collection
Cover of RecusantRecusantJim Cronin8/23/2016NovelAdultScience FictionBrin Archives, Book 2
Cover of Ricochet Through TimeRicochet Through TimeLindsey Fairleigh8/19/2016NovelAdultParanormal Romance
Cover of First KnightFirst KnightCynthia Luhrs8/14/2016NovelAdultRomanceThornton Brothers Time Travel, Book 3
Cover of Dragon Knight's RingDragon Knight's RingMary Morgan8/12/2016NovelAdultRomanceOrder of the Dragon Knights, Book 5
Cover of Just Wait For MeJust Wait For MeDawn Marie Hamilton8/10/2016NovelAdultRomanceHighland Gardens, Book 3
Cover of Rise of a VikingRise of a VikingSky Purington8/9/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceThe MacLomain Series: Viking Ancestors' Kin, Book 1
Cover of Tanglewood GrottoTanglewood GrottoSusan Finlay8/9/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryThe Bavarian Woods, Book 2
Cover of A Hole in TimeA Hole in TimeClark Graham8/8/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Beyond the FallBeyond the FallDiane Scott Lewis8/7/2016NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of The Chronicles of Dr. GribbleflotzThe Chronicles of Dr. GribbleflotzKerryn Offord and Rick Boatright8/2/2016NovelAdultAlternate HistoryRing of Fire, Book 20
Cover of Deja MooDeja MooP.J. Benney7/29/2016NovelAdultParanormal Fantasy
Cover of The OffspringsThe OffspringsRekeaux Nyte7/29/2016NovelAdultParanormal FantasyThe Offsprings, Book 1
Cover of A Window Into TimeA Window Into TimePeter F. Hamilton7/28/2016NovellaAdultScience Fiction / Mystery
Cover of Revolution in TimeRevolution in TimeMonique Martin7/28/2016NovelAdultRomance / FantasyOut of Time, Book 10
Cover of The Unusual Second Life of Thomas WeaverThe Unusual Second Life of Thomas WeaverShawn Inmon7/27/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Knew You'd ComeKnew You'd ComeChristine Cacciatore7/26/2016NovellaAdultParanormal Romance
Cover of Valley of the MoonValley of the MoonMelanie Gideon7/26/2016NovelAdultLiterary
Cover of MistakeMistakeSherry Morris7/25/2016NovelAdultParanormal RomanceSequel to Misled
Cover of Yesterday MakersYesterday MakersRussell Kightley7/24/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Dark BrewDark BrewDiana Rubino7/22/2016NovelAdultParanormal RomanceAccused of her husband's murder, Kylah McKinley travels back in time to seek justice for the true killer. Via past life regression, she returns to 14th century Ireland as Alice Kyteler, a druid moneylender falsely accused of murdering her husband. As Kylah prepares for her trial in the past and fights to maintain her innocence, she must learn from her past or forever be doomed to repeat it.
Cover of More Than Meets the EyeMore Than Meets the EyeDeborah Heal7/22/2016NovelAdultRomance / ReligiousRewinding Time Series, Book 5
Cover of Timeless BeginningsTimeless BeginningsAmber Daulton7/22/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of A Witch in Time Saves NineA Witch in Time Saves NineNikki Broadwell7/16/2016NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of Mr. LazarusMr. LazarusPatrice Chaplin7/14/2016NovelAdultHistorical Fantasy
Cover of SanctuarySanctuaryMorgan Hobbes7/13/2016NovellaAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Day After NeverThe Day After NeverNathan Van Coops7/13/2016NovelAdultScience FictionIn Times Like These, Book 3
Cover of NecessityNecessityJo Walton7/12/2016NovelAdultFantasyThessaly, Book 3
Cover of Time SiegeTime SiegeWesley Chu7/12/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Salvager, Book 2
Cover of The Lost SonThe Lost SonGillian Lees7/11/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Vortex, Book 2
Cover of Beyond EternityBeyond EternityPaul Deaver7/7/2016NovelAdultMilitary Science Fiction
Cover of Portal to the ForgottenPortal to the ForgottenJohn Gschwend7/7/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Sic Semper, Sic Semper, Sic SemperSic Semper, Sic Semper, Sic SemperDouglas F. Warrick7/6/2016StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of The InterminablesThe InterminablesPaige Orwin7/5/2016NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of Independence Day (Time Patrol)Independence Day (Time Patrol)Bob Mayer7/4/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Patrol series
Cover of Beyond the Void DarklyBeyond the Void DarklyDouglas Tanner7/1/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Religious
Cover of Lost TimeLost TimeD.L. Orton7/1/2016NovelAdultAdventure / ThrillerBetween Two Evils, Book 2
Cover of The NavigatorsThe NavigatorsDan Alatorre7/1/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of 2288 A.D.2288 A.D.Renee and Glenn Van Dyke6/29/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyThe Ashlyn Chronicles, Book 2
Cover of Remembering RoseRemembering RoseSheila Claydon6/29/2016NovelAdultRomanceMapleby Memories, Book 1
Cover of RimeRimeTim Lebbon6/27/2016NoveletteAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Regrets of Our PastThe Regrets of Our PastCarlo Kennedy6/26/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Signature, Book 2
Cover of Highlander's CaressHighlander's CaressJoanne Wadsworth6/25/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centuryKidnapped as a child by a fierce chief for her revered fae blood, Kyla's only known one clan. Now she's being hunted by an enemy warrior from amongst her true kin, a warrior who has traveled from the future and insists they are soul bound.The Fae, Book 2
Cover of New PompeiiNew PompeiiDaniel Godfrey6/21/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Time ManagementTime ManagementS.W. Clemens6/20/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Mexican FlyboyThe Mexican FlyboyAlfredo Vea, Jr.6/15/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyChicana and Chicano Visions of the Americas series
Cover of Time HistorianTime HistorianRegina Morris6/15/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of An Altered CourseAn Altered CourseR.A. Carter-Squire6/14/2016NovelAdultMysteryDriven to unravel his best friend's disappearance, Michael Eldridge is on the verge of a discovery that will enable him to finally solve the mystery; time travel. He has worked out the equation, and is testing his theory, ready to leap into the past to find the missing link.‚‚‚ 
Cover of CyrenaicaCyrenaicaTed Jonsson6/14/2016NovelAdultTechnothrillerChasing Reality, Book 4
Cover of Memory SpanMemory SpanG.S. Bailey6/14/2016NovellaAdultScience Fiction
Cover of OutcastOutcastMikey Campling6/14/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryThe Darkeningstone, Book 2
Cover of The Invisible LibraryThe Invisible LibraryGenevieve Cogman6/14/2016NovelAdultFantasyThe Invisible Library, Book 1
Cover of The Time KeyThe Time KeyMelanie Bateman6/14/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Time TrapTime TrapDanele J. Rotharmel6/13/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Counselor Chronicles, Book 2
Cover of Forever Until TomorrowForever Until TomorrowM.R. Forbes6/10/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryWar Eternal, Book 5
Cover of Going BearserkGoing BearserkMia Arden6/9/2016NovellaAdultParanormal RomanceIohan, a shape-shifting Viking berserker, is ripped from his time by a violent curse. Alone in a time he does not understand, he makes a connection with Lana, a woman on the run. Both are hiding dark secrets that threaten their connection and their lives. Can Iohan and Lana find love, even as their pasts come back to haunt them?
Cover of A Time For Love inParisA Time For Love inParisKim Hotzon6/8/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of The Queen's GambitThe Queen's GambitIrina Shapiro6/7/2016NovelAdultRomanceWonderland Series, Book 4
Cover of The Lover's EyeThe Lover's EyeBarbara Best6/6/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceTime Travel Series, Book 2
Cover of Forever KnightForever KnightCynthia Luhrs6/3/2016NovelAdultRomanceThornton Brothers Time Travel, Book 2
Cover of Time SquaredTime SquaredBrian K. Larson5/31/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Love in Another TimeLove in Another TimeKay Brody5/27/2016NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of An Enchanted SpringAn Enchanted SpringNancy Scanlon5/24/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceMists of Fate, Book 2
Cover of D-Day (Time Patrol)D-Day (Time Patrol)Bob Mayer5/23/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Patrol Series
Cover of Sons of HeavenSons of HeavenChuck Dixon5/23/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryBad Times, Book 5
Cover of That English LadyThat English LadyAlice White5/21/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of The Thousand Years WarThe Thousand Years WarAngel Ramon5/20/2016NovelAdultScience FictionA normal winter day for these four regular joes will turn into a full-fledged adventure that will determine the fate of the Earth. That twist is that there is a virtual world that looks, smells and feels like Earth and whatever happens in this virtual world happens on Earth. 10 days is all they have!Thousand Years War Series, Book 1
Cover of In the Present TenseIn the Present TenseCarrie Pack5/19/2016NovelAdultRomanceMiles Lawson goes to sleep dreaming of a future with his boyfriend Adam, but wakes to find he is married to Ana, an acquaintance from high school. When he learns he has been time traveling, Miles is consumed with finding a cure for his rare condition and finding his first love.
Cover of Shadow StormShadow StormMichael R. Stern5/19/2016NovelAdultScience FictionWhat will Fritz Russell have to confront next? And where? After he opened the portal into the Oval Office and became friends with the man who works there, Fritz reluctantly agreed to help the president make the world a safer place. Now an ominous shadow has been cast by a hidden enemy prepared to use violence to upend world affairs.Quantum Touch Series, Book 3
Cover of Embers of DestinyEmbers of DestinyRosie Chapel5/18/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceHannah's Heirloom, Book 3
Cover of War and LiesWar and LiesYuan Jur5/17/2016NovelAdultScience FictionCitadel 7: Earth's Secret Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of Just in TimeJust in TimeRegina Morris5/15/2016NoveletteAdultRomance / FantasyPrequel to Time Historian
Cover of Broken Tablet: Bronze Age Time TravelBroken Tablet: Bronze Age Time TravelMicah Joel5/13/2016NovelAdultScience FictionIxion Revolution, Book 1
Cover of The Time OutlawThe Time OutlawS.R. Remus5/13/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Thriller
Cover of The Conjured WomanThe Conjured WomanAnne Gross5/9/2016NovelAdultHistorical Romance / FantasyEmerald Scarab Series, Book 1
Cover of House SecretHouse SecretBastian Hafrey5/8/2016StoryAdultScience FictionEvery family has its secrets, some more extraordinary than others. When a traditional family ceremony goes awry, Liya, Allen and Elsa are forced into a surreal circumstance of trans-dimensional chaos.
Cover of Time Traveler ChroniclesTime Traveler ChroniclesRobert Werden5/6/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Lies, Damned Lies, and HistoryLies, Damned Lies, and HistoryJodi Taylor5/5/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorAt St Mary's Institute of Historical Research, the historians don't just study the past, they revisit it.Chronicles of St. Mary's, Book 7
Cover of Paradox EclipseParadox EclipseMatthew Brown5/5/2016NovelAdultScience FictionThe ultimate paradox is an infant sent back through time. His arrival in that past alters history so that he is never conceived. He should not exist, and the impossibility of his life grants him the special ability to see changes to timelines. When he discovers the reason for his gift, it sets in motion a struggle of hard choices and time manipulation.
Cover of The Curiosity KillersThe Curiosity KillersK.W. Taylor5/5/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / SteampunkThe Curiosity Killers is a dystopian steampunk time travel novel which weaves many popular unsolved mysteries (Jack the Ripper, The Mothman, the disappearance of the colonists of Roanoke, Virginia and the murder of the Black Dahlia to name a few) into a rousing adventure.
Cover of Finding My HighlanderFinding My HighlanderAleigha Siron5/4/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of 36 Hours to Save the President36 Hours to Save the PresidentAlan L. Trock5/3/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Historical
Cover of Stalin's Hammer: CairoStalin's Hammer: CairoJohn Birmingham5/3/2016NovelAdultMilitaryAxis of Time: Stalin's Hammer, Book 2
Cover of Whitechapel, 1888Whitechapel, 1888T.L.B. Wood5/3/2016NovelAdultThe Symbiont Time Travel Adventures Series, Book 3
Cover of The Time DuchessThe Time DuchessGeorgina Young-Ellis5/2/2016NovelAdultRomanceTime Mistress Series, Book 4
Cover of The Status UpdateThe Status UpdateSonia J. Buck5/1/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Time Ship Book 1Time Ship Book 1Ian C.P. Irvine5/1/2016NovelAdult
Cover of Relative AgeRelative AgeB.L. Alley4/28/2016NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum SuperpositionSecret Lab 2016Secret Lab 2016Time Travel Mystery
Cover of The TimelinerThe TimelinerRob Satterwhite4/27/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of FlawedFlawedTed Jonsson4/25/2016NovelAdultTechnothrillerChasing Reality, Book 3
Cover of Phelix: A Time Store NovelPhelix: A Time Store NovelAndrew Clark, Dee Matthews4/21/2016NovelAdultScience FictionThe Time Store, Book 2
Cover of Indiana BelleIndiana BelleJohn A. Heldt4/14/2016NovelAdultAmerican Journey, Book 3
Cover of The Broken BroochThe Broken BroochKatherine Lowry Logan4/14/2016NovelAdultRomanceCeltic Brooch Series, Book 5
Cover of The Forbidden PathThe Forbidden PathTammy Tate4/14/2016NovelAdultRomanceThe Spirit Path, Book 3
Cover of Time FactorTime FactorAlan David4/14/2016NovelAdult
Cover of DE-173DE-173J.G. Bell4/13/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Fantasy
Cover of Our Possible PastsOur Possible PastsDavid Mack4/12/2016StoryAdultScience FictionPublished in the Anthology 2113
Cover of The Highlander's VowThe Highlander's VowBarbara Longley4/12/2016NovelAdultRomanceThe Novels of Loch Moigh, Book 4
Cover of A Murder in TimeA Murder in TimeJulie McElwain4/11/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Mystery
Cover of The Surrogate of SoulsThe Surrogate of SoulsJames Hershey, Jr.4/8/2016NovelAdultI am Legion, Book 2
Cover of The Color of ForeverThe Color of ForeverJulianne MacLean4/4/2016NovelAdultRomanceColor of Heaven Series, Book 10
Cover of The Ultimate EscapeThe Ultimate EscapeSusana Ellis4/4/2016NovellaAdultRomancegypsy magic21st century1817 England (Regency)Runaway bride escapes to the future
Cover of Fated MemoriesFated MemoriesJoan Carney4/1/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceLocket20151861After a night on the town, Kitty, her cousin Maggie, and Maggie's new boyfriend Simon are unexpectedly thrust back to the year 1861, where they must find a way of surviving during the American Civil War.
Cover of Through the MaelstromThrough the MaelstromRebekah Lewis3/31/2016NovellaAdultRomance
Cover of An Ember in TimeAn Ember in TimeAnna M. Aquino3/30/2016NovelAdultReligious
Cover of A Home for HelenaA Home for HelenaSusana Ellis3/29/2016NovelAdultRomanceLady P Chronicles, Book 2
Cover of The Trouble With TimeThe Trouble With TimeLexi Revellian3/29/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Rats, Book 1
Cover of Highlander's BrideHighlander's BrideJoanne Wadsworth3/26/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centuryKidnapped as a child by a fierce chief for her revered fae blood, Kyla's only known one clan. Now she's being hunted by an enemy warrior from amongst her true kin, a warrior who has traveled from the future and insists they are soul bound.The Fae, Book 1
Cover of Temporal ContingencyTemporal ContingencyJoseph Lallo3/24/2016NovelAdultScience FictionBig Sigma, Book 4
Cover of Missing In LavenderMissing In LavenderBarbara Bartholomew3/23/2016NovelAdultRomance / FantasyLavender, Texas Series, Book 6
Cover of The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler's DiaryThe Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler's DiaryLashonda Beauregard3/22/2016NoveletteAdultFantasy
Cover of Sleepless NightSleepless NightVanessa Vale3/21/2016NovellaAdultErotica
Cover of The Great God EinsteinThe Great God EinsteinDavid Schenck3/21/2016NovelAdultFantasyA New York Lawyer in the Court of Pericles, Book 2
Cover of The Timeweaver's WagerThe Timeweaver's WagerAlex Blackwell3/16/2016NovelAdultParanormal
Cover of Ides of MarchIdes of MarchBob Mayer3/15/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Patrol Series
Cover of Warriors of the WildernessWarriors of the WildernessPamela Ackerson3/15/2016NovelAdultRomance / WesternWilderness Series, Book 4
Cover of Deja Vu (2nd Edition)Deja Vu (2nd Edition)Billy Roper3/14/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Malthake's TailMalthake's TailDavid Schenck3/10/2016NovellaAdultFantasyA New York Lawyer in the Court of Pericles, Book 1
Cover of The TravelersThe TravelersLee Hunnicutt3/10/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Three Tales Out of TimeThree Tales Out of TimeBruce Macfarlane3/9/2016NovelAdultRomanceThe Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester, Book 3
Cover of The Return of the Witch: A NovelThe Return of the Witch: A NovelPaula Brackston3/8/2016NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of Lady of the StarsLady of the StarsLinda Banche3/4/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Darkest KnightDarkest KnightCynthia Luhrs3/2/2016NovelAdultRomanceThornton Brothers Time Travel, Book 1
Cover of DissonanceDissonanceLindsey Fairleigh3/1/2016NovellaAdultParanormal RomanceEcho Trilogy novella (Book 2.5)
Cover of Hey MortalityHey MortalityLuke Kinsella3/1/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of TenderTenderAnne Meredith3/1/2016NovelAdultRomanceThe Trelawneys of Williamsburg Time Travel Romance, Book 1
Cover of The Hipster Who Leapt Through TimeThe Hipster Who Leapt Through TimeLuke Kondor3/1/2016NovelAdultScience FictionHipster Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of The Secret CityThe Secret CityBrian K. Lowe2/29/2016NovelAdultScience FictionIn this sequel to The Invisible City, after twenty years alone, Charles ,‚“Keryl,‚” Clee once again finds himself hurtling through a time portal to an uncertain future. Stranded in an unforgiving desert populated by unseen predators, Clee must find a place for himself in a world that wants him only dead. But his greatest fear is that he may not have returned to the world he left behind, that he may have travelled to an earlier or later era than that he knows, and that his love, the Lady Maire, may be long dead or centuries unborn.The Stolen Future Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of Echoes of Stone and FireEchoes of Stone and FireRosie Chapel2/28/2016NovelAdultHannah's Heirloom, Book 2
Cover of Beyond IceBeyond IceHelene Zemel2/26/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Life, As IsLife, As IsBrenda Thornlow2/26/2016NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of Rifts of TimeRifts of TimeAlan David2/25/2016NovelAdult
Cover of Parallel LivesParallel LivesParker Gordon2/23/2016NovelAdultHorror / Occult
Cover of Version Control: A NovelVersion Control: A NovelDexter Palmer2/23/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Yesterday's ThiefYesterday's ThiefAl Macy2/23/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / Paranormal
Cover of 36: A Novel36: A NovelDirk Patton2/20/2016NovelAdultMystery
Cover of A Drift Out of TimeA Drift Out of TimeBruce Macfarlane2/19/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction RomanceThe Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester, Book 2
Cover of Heart of Fire Time of IceHeart of Fire Time of IceEric Martell2/16/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of MisledMisledSherry Morris2/16/2016NovelAdultParanormal Romance
Cover of Low City: Missing PersonsLow City: Missing PersonsM.K. Alexander2/12/2016NovelAdultMysteryTractus Fynn Mystery, Book 3
Cover of The Time VortexThe Time VortexGillian Lees2/3/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Vortex, Book 1
Cover of Voyage in TimeVoyage in TimeMonique Martin2/3/2016NovelAdultRomance / FantasyOut of Time Series, Book 9
Cover of Every Anxious WaveEvery Anxious WaveMo Daviau2/2/2016NovelAdultLiterary / HumorWormhole (in bedroom closet!)2010sSecond half of 20th century (esp. 1990s)Good guy Karl Bender is a thirty-something bar owner whose life lacks love and meaning. When he stumbles upon a time-travelling worm hole in his closet, Karl and his best friend Wayne develop a side business selling access to people who want to travel back in time to listen to their favorite bands.
Cover of Straight to HeavenStraight to HeavenChristine Young1/28/2016NovelAdultParanormal Romance
Cover of All the Birds in the SkyAll the Birds in the SkyCharlie Jane Anders1/26/2016NovelAdultFantasy / Science Fiction
Cover of The Zarion: Saving MankindThe Zarion: Saving MankindJ.E. Grace1/22/2016NovelAdult
Cover of TimeshaftTimeshaftStewart Bint1/20/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Roses Among the HeatherRoses Among the HeatherAnna Markland1/19/2016NovelAdultRomanceCaledonia Chronicles, Book 3
Cover of The Seventh SisterThe Seventh SisterSue-Ellen Welfonder1/16/2016NovelAdultParanormal Romance
Cover of Time TsunamiTime TsunamiDanele J. Rotharmel1/15/2016NovelAdultScience FictionTime Counselor Chronicles, Book 1
Cover of The Little Dog LaughedThe Little Dog LaughedAnn Massey1/14/2016NovelAdultFantasy /Myths & Legends
Cover of DestroyerDestroyerBrett Battles1/12/2016NovelAdultScience FictionRewinder, Book 2
Cover of Ian's Ions and EonsIan's Ions and EonsPaul Levinson1/12/2016NovelAdultScience FictionCollection of three novelettes, "Ian's Ions and Eons" (2011) "Ian, Isaac, and John" (2011) and "Ian, George, and George" (2013)
Cover of Dragon Knight's ShieldDragon Knight's ShieldMary Morgan1/8/2016NovelAdultRomanceOrder of the Dragon Knights, Book 4
Cover of Convergence Point: A Time and Shadows MysteryConvergence Point: A Time and Shadows MysteryLiana Brooks1/5/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryTime and Shadows Mystery series
Cover of Lonely Is the KnightLonely Is the KnightCynthia Luhrs1/5/2016NovelAdultRomanceMerriweather Sisters Time Travel, Book 3
Cover of One Last HeroOne Last HeroJohn Davis1/5/2016NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Highlander's SwordHighlander's SwordJoanne Wadsworth1/4/2016NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centuryAnnella, the fae-blooded daughter of a warrior, holds the spirit-walker ability. With her fae skill, she has only one goal, to find the man who captured her father and brother and seek retribution. The last thing she expects though is to connect within her dreams with an infuriatingly rugged Highlander of shifter blood who lives over eight-hundred years in the future. Her destiny is set, to free her nearest and dearest, although to find them she must now enlist the aid of the warrior from the future. He's the best tracker there is, and also her best chance at finding them.Clan Matheson, Book 3
Cover of Time's AdversaryTime's AdversaryJ.G. McGovern1/4/2016NovelAdultCyberpunk
Cover of Never SurrenderNever SurrenderDeanna Jewel1/1/2016NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Time LiftedTime LiftedTamara Weed12/30/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / Fantasy
Cover of The Witchfinder's WellThe Witchfinder's WellJonathan Posner12/27/2015NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of The Very First Damned ThingThe Very First Damned ThingJodi Taylor12/25/2015StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, short story
Cover of Stealing TimeStealing TimeK.J. Waters12/21/2015NovelAdultThriller, mystery, suspense Time machine2004 Florida1752 LondonDuring Hurricane Charley Ronnie Andrews is sent back in time to find the past a dangerous and unforgiving landscape.
Cover of 1635: A Parcel of Rogues1635: A Parcel of RoguesEric Flint and Andrew Dennis12/16/2015NovelAdultScience FictionRing of Fire Series,Book 20
Cover of Love Beyond BeliefLove Beyond BeliefBethany Claire12/15/2015NovelAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 7
Cover of The Last Time TravelerThe Last Time TravelerAaron J. Ethridge12/15/2015NovelAdultComedic Romance
Cover of The Pomegranate TreeThe Pomegranate TreeRosie Chapel12/10/2015NovelAdultHannah's Heirloom, Book 1
Cover of A Matter of TimeA Matter of TimeDeborah Heal12/9/2015NovelAdultRomance / ReligiousRewinding Time Series, Book 4
Cover of Solace of Time (Enaya)Solace of Time (Enaya)Justin C. Trout12/8/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Keir's FallKeir's FallPippa Jay12/7/2015NovelAdultRomanceRedemption, Book 2
Cover of Another Time, Another PlaceAnother Time, Another PlaceCarol Arnall12/4/2015NovelAdultParanormal
Cover of Point of OriginPoint of OriginM.R. Forbes12/3/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryWar Eternal, Book 4
Cover of The Magic of Grandfather TimeThe Magic of Grandfather TimeRose English12/2/2015NoveletteAdultFantsyThe Magic of Grandfather Time series, Book 1
Cover of Knight MovesKnight MovesCynthia Luhrs12/1/2015NovelAdultRomanceMerriweather Sisters Time Travel, Book 2
Cover of Christmas Time: A Lavender RomanceChristmas Time: A Lavender RomanceBarbara Bartholomew11/27/2015StoryAdultRomance / FantasyLavender, Texas Series, Book 5.5
Cover of StoffiaStoffiaTed Jonsson11/24/2015NovelAdultTechnothrillerChasing Reality, Book 2
Cover of Time's EquationTime's EquationSheron Wood McCartha11/21/2015NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 8
Cover of Hearts Out of TimeHearts Out of TimeChris Lange11/18/2015NovelAdultRomanceAn Era Apart, Book 1
Cover of Highlander's HeartHighlander's HeartJoanne Wadsworth11/18/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centuryHe's a warrior who's traveled through time to find his soul bound mate. She's a lass betrothed to another.Clan Matheson, Book 2
Cover of A Matter of TimeA Matter of TimeJennae Vale11/17/2015NovelAdultRomanceThistle and Hive, Book 4
Cover of Garden of TimeGarden of TimeSharon Ricklin Jones11/16/2015NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Renaissance ManRenaissance ManJane Stain11/13/2015NovelAdultRomanceDall and Emily, Book 3
Cover of Ships and Stings and Wedding RingsShips and Stings and Wedding RingsJodi Taylor11/13/2015StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, short story
Cover of The Painter of TimeThe Painter of TimeMatthew O'Connell11/10/2015NovelAdultMystery
Cover of Call Me Time JumperCall Me Time JumperSheron Wood McCartha11/7/2015StoryAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series
Cover of Power SourcePower SourceTed Jonsson11/3/2015NovelAdultTechnothrillerChasing Reality, Book 1
Cover of Weighing ShadowsWeighing ShadowsLisa Goldstein11/3/2015NovelAdultScience FictionTime machine2370sAncient worldComputer hacker Ann Decker receives a job offer for a company called Transformations Incorporated, which has invented technology to travel in time. Soon Ann is visiting a matriarchy in ancient Crete, and then a woman mathematician at the Library of Alexandria. But Transformations Incorporated remains shrouded in mystery, and when Ann finally catches her breath, there are too many troubling questions still unanswered.
Cover of A Knight to RememberA Knight to RememberCynthia Luhrs10/30/2015NovelAdultRomanceMerriweather Sisters Time Travel, Book 1
Cover of The Emerald BroochThe Emerald BroochKatherine Lowry Logan10/30/2015NovelAdultRomanceCeltic Brooch Series, Book 4
Cover of That's the Trouble with TimeThat's the Trouble with TimeL. Darby Gibbs10/29/2015NovelAdultScience FictionStudents of Jump, Book 4
Cover of The Time Travelers HandbookThe Time Travelers HandbookJohnny Acton, David Goldblatt and James Wyllie10/29/2015GuidebookAdultHistoryThe WAG Travel Agency prepares time travelers for trips to 18 different destinations in various periods of history
Cover of The Knife's EdgeThe Knife's EdgeM.R. Forbes10/27/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryWar Eternal, Book 3, Not time travel?
Cover of DepartureDepartureA.G. Riddle10/20/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction /Thriller
Cover of Dragon's DareDragon's DareAnn Gimpel10/20/2015NovelAdultFantasyDragon Lore, Book 3
Cover of The Society of BloodThe Society of BloodMark Morris10/13/2015NovelAdultParanormal / Dark FantasyObsidian Heart, Book 2
Cover of The Ninth KeyThe Ninth KeyE.B. Brown10/12/2015NovelAdultFantasyThe Pretenders, Book 3
Cover of Enemy of ExistenceEnemy of ExistenceYuan Jur10/6/2015NovelAdultScience FictionCitadel 7: Earth's Secret Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of Out of TimeOut of TimeBruce Macfarlane10/6/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction RomanceThe Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester, Book 1
Cover of Last CallsLast CallsPaul Levinson10/4/2015NovellaAdultScience FictionJeff Harris, Book 4
Cover of 30,000 BC Chronicles: Galway30,000 BC Chronicles: GalwayMatthew Thayer10/1/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction30,000 BC Chronicles, Book 4
Cover of Get Back: Imagine Saving John LennonGet Back: Imagine Saving John LennonDonovan Day10/1/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of RefineRefineNicole Van10/1/2015NovelAdultRomanceHouse of Oak, Book 4
Cover of The Grand DissoluteThe Grand DissoluteJoel Van Valin10/1/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / RomanceTime theater29th Century (planet Tarrymore)1998, St. PaulVeterinary student Jimmy Pagley has no idea his girlfriend - the beautiful foreigner Haydee - is in fact a time traveler from the 29th Century. She's come to 1998 to search for her mentor, Joachim Six, who has mysteriously disappeared.Introduces a force called toc , which is a sort of friction created by bodies traveling back in time and prohibits any actions that might "change" the past.
Cover of The Time SkippersThe Time SkippersCraig L. Seymour9/29/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Highlander's KissHighlander's KissJoanne Wadsworth9/24/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centuryTavish is a Highland warrior shifter who's traveled back through time to find his soul bound mate. Julia's a lass who must wed her enemy in order to save her kin. Overcoming all that stands before them will be the greatest mission they'll ever undertake. Let the battle for love begin.Clan Matheson, Book 1
Cover of Time Song 2Time Song 2E.B. Brown9/20/2015NovelAdultFantasy / RomanceTime Walkers: Time Song, Book 2
Cover of The Rewind FilesThe Rewind FilesClaire Willett9/14/2015NovelAdultScience FictionTime rift21121972When Time Travel Bureau agent Regina Bellows uncovers a massive conspiracy designed to start WWIII, she and her friends must risk everything to travel back from 2112 to 1972 to stop it.
Cover of Man Out of TimeMan Out of TimeJason Ayers9/13/2015NovelAdultScience FictionThe Time Bubble, Book 3
Cover of Wilderness BoundWilderness BoundPamela Ackerson9/13/2015NovelAdultRomance / WesternWilderness Series, Book 3
Cover of SkyfinderSkyfinderJohn Buckland9/8/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Project Return FireProject Return FireAnthony Davies, Joe Dinicola9/7/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Boonville Redemption: The End of the BeginningBoonville Redemption: The End of the BeginningJudy Belshe-Toernblom9/5/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Split SecondSplit SecondDouglas E. Richards9/1/2015NovelAdultThriller
Cover of Alchemist GiftAlchemist GiftMark Giglio8/30/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Sand StormSand StormMichael R. Stern8/30/2015NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Touch Series, Book 2
Cover of Traveler BornTraveler BornAllen J. Gerzoff8/30/2015NovelAdultScience FictionRichard Remington, Book 4
Cover of Splintered SoulsSplintered SoulsErica Lucke Dean8/29/2015NovelAdultParanormal RomanceFlames of Time, Book 1
Cover of What Could Possibly Go Wrong?What Could Possibly Go Wrong?Jodi Taylor8/28/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, Book 6
Cover of Highland TidesHighland TidesAnna Markland8/26/2015NovelAdultRomanceCaledonia Chronicles, Book 2
Cover of Maddie and the NorsemanMaddie and the NorsemanTricia McGill8/23/2015NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Rheanon's HeartRheanon's HeartCrystal Miles Gauthier8/20/2015NovelAdultRomanceTime Travel Society, Book 3
Cover of Back In TimeBack In TimeMaggie West8/18/2015StoryAdultDoorways to the Past, Book 3
Cover of z2z2Sherrie Cronin8/14/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Beneath the LakeBeneath the LakeCasi McLean8/5/2015NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Alienne MineAlienne MineDeborah O'Neill Cordes8/4/2015NovelAdultScience FictionDinosaurian Time Travel Series, Book 0
Cover of Love Me ForeverLove Me ForeverJina BaCarr8/4/2015NovelAdultRomance / Military
Cover of The Field of ReedsThe Field of ReedsJerry Dubs8/2/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime portalImhotep, Book 4
Cover of Separated By TimeSeparated By TimeJennae Vale7/28/2015NovelAdultRomanceThistle and Hive, Book 3
Cover of Time Bangers - One Does Not Simply Walk into TudorTime Bangers - One Does Not Simply Walk into TudorIvery Kirk and Luna Teague7/28/2015NovelAdultEroticaShower2010s1536, EnglandBeth, a history buff, and Tawny, a gifted scientist, are sorority friends reunited ten years after college when Tawny constructs a time machine in a shower. Their first mission: a steamy encounter with Henry VIII!More saucy Time Bangers books are promised in the future!
Cover of Highlander's SeductionHighlander's SeductionJoanne Wadsworth7/21/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centuryBringing soul bound mates together across time is Cherub's duty. She's a fae princess, and the last person she expects to meet is her very own soul mate, or to tangle with a warrior who won't rest until he makes her his.The Matheson Brothers, Book 3
Cover of RewinderRewinderBrett Battles7/21/2015NovelAdultScience FictionPortable time travel device2015 (alternate universe)Various centuries in the pastDenny Younger is sent back by the Upjohn Institute to research ancestry of high-caste clients. But as he journeys across the centuries, he begins to suspect that his missions to "observe and report" have a much darker purpose. Part of the Rewinder series.
Cover of Out of TimeOut of TimeLoretta Livingston7/17/2015NovelAdult
Cover of A Shadow in DoubtA Shadow in DoubtRoari Benjamin7/16/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Richard's WarRichard's WarAllen J. Gerzoff7/16/2015NovelAdultScience FictionRichard Remington, Book 3
Cover of Renaissance Festival: Clans, Gaelic, MacGregors, Warriors, Loch, and ScotsRenaissance Festival: Clans, Gaelic, MacGregors, Warriors, Loch, and ScotsJane Stain7/15/2015NovelAdultHistorical FantasyDall and Emily, Book 2
Cover of Masters of TimeMasters of TimeDevorah Fox7/13/2015Short story anthologyAdult
Cover of LandlineLandlineRainbow Rowell7/7/2015NovelAdultRomance
Cover of The ChronocarThe ChronocarSteve Bellinger7/7/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalChronocar (time machine)2010s1919When Illinois Tech student Tony Carpenter stumbles upon a journal article written in the early 1900s containing plans for a time machine known as a Chronocar, he realizes that the technology now exists to build it. Soon he's back in 1919 looking for Simmie Johnson, the black slave's son who wrote the paper.See our review here
Cover of Caught In TimeCaught In TimeMaggie West7/5/2015StoryAdultDoorways to the Past, Book 2
Cover of Abandoned in TimeAbandoned in TimeMaggie West7/4/2015StoryAdultDoorways to the Past, Book 1
Cover of The Philosopher KingsThe Philosopher KingsJo Walton6/30/2015NovelAdultThessaly, Book 2
Cover of Last Days ForeverLast Days ForeverVanessa Knipe6/26/2015NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of HegiraHegiraJim Cronin6/24/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Diana's MagicDiana's MagicCrystal Miles Gauthier6/22/2015NovelAdultRomanceTime Travel Society, Book 2
Cover of Choosing the HighlanderChoosing the HighlanderJessi Gage6/18/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceHighland Wishes, Book 3
Cover of Dragon Knight's AxeDragon Knight's AxeMary Morgan6/11/2015NovelAdultRomanceOrder of the Dragon Knights, Book 3
Cover of Timeless HeartTimeless HeartKaryn Gerrard6/9/201593 pagesAdultRomance
Cover of How Sweet the SoundHow Sweet the SoundDeborah Heal6/8/2015NovelAdultRomance / ReligiousRewinding Time Series, Book 3
Cover of ClandestineClandestineNicole Van6/3/2015NovelAdultRomanceHouse of Oak, Book 3
Cover of 2287 A.D2287 A.DRenee and Glenn Van Dyke6/2/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyThe Ashlyn Chronicles, Book 1
Cover of SummertimeSummertimeAdrienne Thompson6/2/2015NovellaAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of Atomic MediumAtomic MediumG.G. Collins6/1/2015NovelAdultRachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries, Book 3
Cover of The End of LibertyThe End of LibertyM.R. Forbes5/29/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryWar Eternal, Book 2
Cover of The Day BeforeThe Day BeforeLiana Brooks5/26/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryTime and Shadows Mystery series
Cover of Highlander's PassionHighlander's PassionJoanne Wadsworth5/20/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centurySent back in time to the year 1210 when their Highlander shifter clan first began, three identical brothers known as the ,‚‘power of three' must find their mates if they wish to save their future line from extinction.The Matheson Brothers, Book 2
Cover of Out of TimeOut of TimeLoretta Livingstone5/20/2015NovelAdultHistorical Fiction / FantasyOut of Time, Book 1
Cover of The Girl with the LipsThe Girl with the LipsYassy F5/19/2015NovelAdultRomance / AdventureSienna Lawson, Book 1
Cover of Remington's FreeholdRemington's FreeholdAllen J. Gerzoff5/18/2015NovelAdultScience FictionRichard Remington, Book 2
Cover of No Time Like the PastNo Time Like the PastJodi Taylor5/13/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, Book 5
Cover of KeirKeirPippa Jay5/7/2015NovelAdultRomanceRedemption, Book 1
Cover of Wish I MightWish I MightJennifer Malin5/7/2015NovellaAdultThree Wishes, Book 1
Cover of A Long Time Until NowA Long Time Until NowMichael Z. Williamson5/5/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Valley of ShadowsValley of ShadowsArthur Butt5/4/2015NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of Time Born: Introducing Richard RemingtonTime Born: Introducing Richard RemingtonAllen J. Gerzoff5/1/2015NovelAdultScience FictionRichard Remington, Book 1
Cover of No Time for RulesNo Time for RulesLloyd Hopkins, Fleur Lind4/30/2015NovelAdultScience FictionThe Carrisbrook Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of Thoughts for a PortalThoughts for a PortalJeffrey Poole4/30/2015NovelAdultFantasyTales of Lentari, Book 4
Cover of Time Song 1Time Song 1E.B. Brown4/30/2015NovelAdultFantasy / RomanceTime Walkers: Time Song, Book 1
Cover of Time SalvagerTime SalvagerWesley Chu4/29/2015NovelAdultScience FictionInflationary theory?26th Century23rd CenturyConvicted criminal James Griffin-Mars lives in a time when Earth is a toxic, abandoned world and humans have fled into the outer solar system to survive. James is a chronman, undertaking missions into Earth's past to recover resources and treasure without altering the timeline.Time Salvager, Book 1
Cover of Love Beyond DreamsLove Beyond DreamsBethany Claire4/28/2015NovelAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 6
Cover of The Memory PainterThe Memory PainterGwendolyn Womack4/28/2015NovelAdultThriller / Romance
Cover of TrespassTrespassMikey Campling4/24/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryThe Darkeningstone, Book 1
Cover of TravisTravisTricia McGill4/19/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceWild Heather, Book 2
Cover of Phoenix Under FirePhoenix Under FireAnna Albergucci4/17/2015NovelAdultRomanceThe Phoenix Decreee Saga, Book 3
Cover of Renaissance Faire: Kilts, Highlander, Scotland, Highlands, Castle, and ReturnRenaissance Faire: Kilts, Highlander, Scotland, Highlands, Castle, and ReturnJane Stain4/15/2015NovelAdultRomanceDall and Emily, Book 1
Cover of Highlander's DesireHighlander's DesireJoanne Wadsworth4/14/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 13th centuryHighland warrior shifter Iain Matheson has fallen under his mate's spell. She's the one woman he would die to protect, and when a portal opens and she's taken from him back through time, he dives in after her. He'll never allow her to escape him, not even when he becomes embroiled in one of the greatest feuds raging at that time.The Matheson Brothers, Book 1
Cover of LandfallLandfallJohn McWilliams4/13/2015NovelAdultThriller
Cover of A Desperate FortuneA Desperate FortuneSusanna Kearsley4/7/2015NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of A Portal for Your ThoughtsA Portal for Your ThoughtsJeffrey Poole4/2/2015NovelAdultFantasyTales of Lentari, Book 3
Cover of Crossing In TimeCrossing In TimeD.L. Orton3/30/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / RomanceWhen offered a one-way trip to the past, Isabel sacrifices everything for a chance to change the rapidly deteriorating present,‚–and see her murdered lover one last time. When she arrives twenty years in the past, buck naked and mortally wounded, she has 24 hours to convince a stunned but enraptured nineteen-year-old to change their future. Definitely easier said than done, as success means losing him to a brainy, smart-mouthed bombshell (her younger self), and that's a heart breaker, save the world or not.Between Two Evils Series, Book 1
Cover of Search for the Golden SerpentSearch for the Golden SerpentLuciana Cavallaro3/27/2015NovelAdultServant of the Gods, Book 1
Cover of The Lost Boys SymphonyThe Lost Boys SymphonyMark Ferguson3/24/2015NovelAdult
Cover of The Fifth KeyThe Fifth KeyE.B. Brown3/23/2015NovelAdultFantasyThe Pretenders, Book 2
Cover of Patrners in TimePatrners in TimeJane Quantrill3/12/2015NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Into the WildernessInto the WildernessPamela Ackerson3/9/2015NovelAdultRomance / WesternWilderness Series, Book 2
Cover of A Thistle Beyond TimeA Thistle Beyond TimeJennae Vale3/7/2015NovelAdultRomanceThistle and Hive, Book 2
Cover of My Tomorrow, Your YesterdayMy Tomorrow, Your YesterdayJason Ayres3/6/2015NovelAdult
Cover of The Shape of My NameThe Shape of My NameNino Cipri3/4/2015StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of Jump City: ApprenticeJump City: ApprenticeM.K. Alexander3/3/2015NovelAdultMysteryTractus Fynn Mystery, Book 2
Cover of The Night MedicineThe Night MedicineJody A. Kessler3/3/2015NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of Hold Back the StormHold Back the StormLynn Hanna2/28/2015NovelAdultRomanceThe storms off the North Sea return, bringing with them long-forgotten secrets and a curse that will put Rainey and Matt's beloved family in danger as never before. Starry Child Series, Book 3
Cover of Highlander's ChampionHighlander's ChampionJoanne Wadsworth2/26/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 16th centuryArianna must tread the fine line of death if she wishes to travel through time and return to her father, only her warrior has no intention of letting her go. It's time for a little fairy magic,‚…and wishes made from the soul,‚…Highlander Heat, Book 6
Cover of Love Beyond CompareLove Beyond CompareBethany Claire2/26/2015NovelAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 5
Cover of A Whole New WorldA Whole New WorldFelicia Mires2/21/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / Religious
Cover of The White Wolf Prophecy: The Scroll of TimeThe White Wolf Prophecy: The Scroll of TimeL.K. Kelley2/14/2015NovelAdultFantasyThe White Wolf Prophecy, Book 3
Cover of Highlander's FaerieHighlander's FaerieJoanne Wadsworth2/13/2015NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 16th centuryThere's a mischievous faerie. A warrior protecting his clan. And a twenty-first century woman he's soul bound to. Katherine MacLean is on a mission given to her by the fae, only to survive traveling to the past, she first must die.Highlander Heat, Book 5
Cover of The Highlander's FollyThe Highlander's FollyBarbara Longley2/3/2015NovelAdultRomanceThe Novels of Loch Moigh, Book 3
Cover of The ChronothonThe ChronothonNathan Van Coops2/2/2015NovelAdultScience FictionIn Times Like These, Book 2
Cover of d4d4Sherrie Cronin1/31/2015NovelAdult
Cover of Salvage and DemolitionSalvage and DemolitionTim Powers1/31/2015NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of The Seventh KeyThe Seventh KeyE.B. Brown1/27/2015NovelAdultFantasyThe Pretenders, Book 1
Cover of Only One Way HomeOnly One Way HomeDeborah Heal1/25/2015NovelAdultRomance / ReligiousRewinding Time Series, Book 2
Cover of Where the Hell Is Tesla?Where the Hell Is Tesla?Rob Dircks1/16/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / Humor
Cover of A Trail Through TimeA Trail Through TimeJodi Taylor1/15/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, Book 4
Cover of The Just CityThe Just CityJo Walton1/13/2015NovelAdultThessaly, Book 1
Cover of The Pyramids of AtlantisThe Pyramids of AtlantisJason Shaw1/13/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Starship EternalStarship EternalM.R. Forbes1/9/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryWar Eternal, Book 1
Cover of Shadows in TimeShadows in TimeAnn Gimpel1/8/2015NovelAdultParanormal Suspense
Cover of A Time of ShadowsA Time of ShadowsMonique Martin1/2/2015NovelAdultFantasyOut of Time, Book 8
Cover of The Last PassengerThe Last PassengerManel Loureiro1/1/2015NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Phoenix UnboundPhoenix UnboundAnna Albergucci12/28/2014NovelAdultRomanceThe Phoenix Decreee Saga, Book 2
Cover of Highlander's GuardianHighlander's GuardianJoanne Wadsworth12/24/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 16th centuryAnnie MacLeod needs to choose a husband before the king decides on one for her. Once she arrives at court, she begins searching for a suitable match, except she soon discovers the one man she's always desired is the one man she can never have.Highlander Heat, Book 4
Cover of Hypocritic DaysHypocritic DaysDavid Fiore12/24/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Going SoloGoing SoloAlan Tucker12/23/2014NovelAdultScience FictionTales of Uncertainty, Book 3
Cover of Thunderheart: A Soul Out of TimeThunderheart: A Soul Out of TimeShirley Anderson12/21/2014NovelAdultRomance / OccultCopperbells Odyssey, Book 2
Cover of The Unexpected Gift of Joseph BridgemanThe Unexpected Gift of Joseph BridgemanNick Jones12/17/2014NovelAdultThe Downstream Diaries, Book 1
Cover of The Lincoln PennyThe Lincoln PennyBarbara Best12/16/2014NovelAdultFantasyTime Travel Series, Book 1
Cover of Cross StitchCross StitchAmanda James12/9/2014NovelAdultRomanceTime Traveler, Book 2
Cover of Once Beyond a TimeOnce Beyond a TimeAnn Tatlock12/4/2014NovelAdultScience FictionA Troubled family moves into a house in which they discover they can communicate with past and future residents.
Cover of Across the WildernessAcross the WildernessPamela Ackerson12/3/2014NovelAdultRomance / WesternWilderness Series, Book 1
Cover of DivineDivineNicole Van12/3/2014NovelAdultRomanceHouse of Oak, Book 2
Cover of Hold My HeartHold My HeartEsther M. Soto12/3/2014NovelAdultRomantic SuspenseHeart series, Book 1
Cover of ChronicaChronicaPaul Levinson12/1/2014NovelAdultScience FictionSierra Waters, Book 3
Cover of The Seeker: A Novella of T.R.U.T.H.The Seeker: A Novella of T.R.U.T.H.Christopher DeFilippis11/26/2014NovellaAdultScience FictionA Time Traveler. An Invisible Man. An Ancient Horror. Billingsly is a Seeker with T.R.U.T.H., a time-traveling collective trying to find the answer to humanity's greatest mystery. Hot on the trail of a djinn that could give him the information he's looking for, Billingsly gets ripped from the time stream, into a nightmarish pocket of reality where he could remain trapped for eternity.
Cover of ConvergenceConvergenceAlex Albrinck11/22/2014NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 7
Cover of The Ark of TimeThe Ark of TimePeter A. Kerr11/22/2014NovelAdultScience FictionArk Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of The Dark TidesThe Dark TidesMark Piggott11/22/2014NovelAdultFantasyForever Avalon, Book 2
Cover of Back AgainBack AgainSusan May11/21/2014NovelAdultScience FictionUpdate
Cover of Time Tunnel: The TowersTime Tunnel: The TowersRichard Todd11/17/2014NovelAdultSuspense / Thriller
Cover of Someone's CloneSomeone's CloneSheron Wood McCartha11/16/2014NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 7
Cover of Lorenzo's DaggersLorenzo's DaggersRon McGaw11/15/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Dragon Knight's MedallionDragon Knight's MedallionMary Morgan11/14/2014NovelAdultRomanceOrder of the Dragon Knights, Book 2
Cover of Christmas PresentChristmas PresentJodi Taylor11/13/2014StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, short story
Cover of The Sapphire BroochThe Sapphire BroochKatherine Lowry Logan11/13/2014NovelAdultRomanceCeltic Brooch Series, Book 3
Cover of The LairdThe LairdTricia McGill11/12/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceWild Heather, Book 1
Cover of Inherit the PastInherit the PastSusan Finlay11/8/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryThe Bavarian Woods, Book 1
Cover of A Bridge Through TimeA Bridge Through TimeJennae Vale11/7/2014NovelAdultRomanceThistle and Hive, Book 1
Cover of Once AgainOnce AgainDeborah Heal11/4/2014NovelAdultRomance / ReligiousRewinding Time Series, Book 1
Cover of Storm PortalStorm PortalMichael R. Stern11/3/2014NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Touch Series, Book 1
Cover of Time and Time AgainTime and Time AgainBen Elton11/3/2014NovelAdultLiterary / HistoricalTime machine2024 - England1914 - EuropeEx-soldier Hugh Stanton travels back to 1914 from war-ravaged 2024 to try to prevent the outbreak of World War I.The time machine was apparently invented by Sir Isaac Newton!
Cover of Global CoolingGlobal CoolingJason Ayers11/2/2014NovelAdultScience FictionThe Time Bubble, Book 2
Cover of A Leap in TimeA Leap in TimeEngy Neville11/1/2014NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of King Arthur's Sister in Washigton's CourtKing Arthur's Sister in Washigton's CourtKim Iverson Headlee11/1/2014NovelAdult
Cover of The PeripheralThe PeripheralWilliam Gibson10/28/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryLook through all of his books - could be a few with time travel
Cover of The Time StoreThe Time StoreAndrew Clark, Dee Matthews10/24/2014NovelAdultScience FictionThe Time Store, Book 2
Cover of First We Kill All the ZombiesFirst We Kill All the ZombiesConnie Flynn10/20/2014NovelAdultSteampunkDerek Shriver Mysteries, Book 1
Cover of DoorportDoorportScott Michael Decker10/13/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction / Thriller
Cover of ChronoclysmChronoclysmC.J. Moseley10/7/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyThe Paradox War Trilogy, Book 3
Cover of The Wolves of LondonThe Wolves of LondonMark Morris10/7/2014NovelAdultParanormal / Dark FantasyObsidian Heart, Book 1
Cover of A Tale of Oak and MistletoeA Tale of Oak and MistletoeE.B. Brown9/29/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceTime Walkers, Book 4
Cover of For Love and LoyaltyFor Love and LoyaltyDiana Rubino9/26/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceEngland, 1476: A wizard’s charm sweeps Richard, Duke of Gloucester, far, far away. England, 2012: The Richard III Society’s annual s©ance doesn’t go quite as planned. Julianna Hammond believes their mysterious visitor really is Richard. As a loyal Ricardian, she feels obligated to educate him on past and present. In dismay Richard learns of his destiny in a certain battle, and his depiction in a certain play. Julianna and he wonder: can history be rewritten? Originally released under the title One Too Many Times
Cover of Time AnomalyTime AnomalyLindsey Fairleigh9/26/2014NovelAdultParanormal RomanceEcho Trilogy, Book 2; previously published as Echo Queen
Cover of In Due TimeIn Due TimeBethany Claire9/24/2014NovellaAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 4.5
Cover of The Never HeroThe Never HeroT. Ellery Hodges9/14/2014NovellaAdultScience Fiction / SuperheroThe Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs, Book 1
Cover of Savior in TimeSavior in TimeChristopher David Petersen9/12/2014NovelAdultBook 3
Cover of Highlander's CharmHighlander's CharmJoanne Wadsworth9/11/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 16th centuryLila MacIan is transported through time to the Scottish warrior her magical charm has bound her soul to. After escaping Calum, she discovers she was born in the past to his arch enemy, although Calum has no intention of letting her go. Can she save the man her soul cries out for,‚…set her past to rights and remain in her true time?Highlander Heat, Book 3
Cover of The Necklace: The Dusky Club June 1962The Necklace: The Dusky Club June 1962Linda S. Rice9/10/2014NovelAdultRomanceThe Necklace, Book 1
Cover of Through the GatesThrough the GatesAlan Hardy9/5/2014NovelAdult
Cover of The Man Who Rose from the SeaThe Man Who Rose from the SeaEve Paludan, Suzanne Wilson8/22/2014NovelAdultRomanceAngel Detectives Book 2
Cover of TimeStormTimeStormSteve Harrison8/21/2014NovelAdult
Cover of TroianneTroianneCrystal Miles Gauthier8/4/2014NovelAdultRomanceTime Travel Society, Book 1
Cover of Next Time We MeetNext Time We MeetL. Darby Gibbs7/30/2014NovelAdultScience FictionStudents of Jump, Book 3
Cover of A Rip in TimeA Rip in TimeMonique Martin7/28/2014NovelAdultHistorical FantasyOut of Time, Book 7
Cover of The Book of LifeThe Book of LifeDeborah Harkness7/15/2014NovelAdultParanormal SuspenseAll Souls Trilogy, Book 3
Cover of The Tree of KnowledgeThe Tree of KnowledgeScott Bonasso7/10/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Highlander's BargainThe Highlander's BargainBarbara Longley7/8/2014NovelAdultRomanceThe Novels of Loch Moigh, Book 2
Cover of The Next StepThe Next StepToby Whaymand7/8/2014NovellaAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Branches of TimeThe Branches of TimeLuca Rossi7/6/2014NovelAdultFantasy / RomanceNorthwest Passage, Book 3
Cover of Lavender DreamingLavender DreamingBarbara Bartholomew7/2/2014NovelAdultRomance / FantasyLavender, Texas Series, Book 5
Cover of A Timely DreamA Timely DreamLloyd Hopkins6/30/2014NovelAdultScience FictionThe Carrisbrook Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of The Color of ParadoxThe Color of ParadoxA.M. Dellamonica6/25/2014StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of My Life As I Knew ItMy Life As I Knew ItBrenda Thornlow6/24/2014NovellaAdult
Cover of The Eighth DayThe Eighth DayDonovan Gray6/24/2014NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of ResonanceResonanceLindsey Fairleigh6/21/2014NovellaAdultParanormal RomanceEcho Trilogy novella (Book 1.5)
Cover of Time SkipTime SkipCraig L. Seymour6/20/2014NovelAdult
Cover of The Time BubleThe Time BubleJason Ayers6/19/2014NovelAdultScience FictionThe Time Bubble, Book 1
Cover of The Lives She Left BehindThe Lives She Left BehindJames Long6/16/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceStory takes place sixteen years after the events of Ferney
Cover of Roman HolidayRoman HolidayJodi Taylor6/15/2014StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, short story
Cover of Syncing ForwardSyncing ForwardW. Lawrence6/15/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The White Wolf Prophecy: Hall of RecordsThe White Wolf Prophecy: Hall of RecordsL.K. Kelley6/10/2014NovelAdultFantasyThe White Wolf Prophecy, Book 2
Cover of Written in My Own Heart's BloodWritten in My Own Heart's BloodDiana Gabaldon6/10/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceOutlander, Book 8
Cover of The Day She DiedThe Day She DiedBill Garrison6/6/2014NovelAdultMystery / Religious
Cover of Love Beyond MeasureLove Beyond MeasureBethany Claire6/3/2014NovelAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 4
Cover of Dragon Knight's SwordDragon Knight's SwordMary Morgan5/30/2014NovelAdultRomanceOrder of the Dragon Knights, Book 1
Cover of Beyond TimeBeyond TimeSandra Bischoff5/24/2014NovelAdultParanormal RomanceDark Order of the Dragon, Book 2
Cover of Highlander's MagicHighlander's MagicJoanne Wadsworth5/20/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 16th centuryArchie MacDonald has been gifted a faerie who insists she's from the future and the progeny of both his and his enemy's clan. All he needs is Marie's aid in the coming battle, to rid the world of his enemy. Although in seeking his revenge against her paternal line,‚…he might well kill the one woman who's crossed centuries to be by his side.Highlander Heat, Book 2
Cover of The Forest of MyrrhThe Forest of MyrrhJerry Dubs5/11/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime portalImhotep, Book 3
Cover of Stark CataclysmStark CataclysmAlex Albrinck5/9/2014NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 6
Cover of Time SignatureTime SignatureCarlo Kennedy5/5/2014NovelAdultScience FictionTime Signature, Book 1
Cover of The Wolf and the HighlanderThe Wolf and the HighlanderJessi Gage4/25/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceHighland Wishes, Book 2
Cover of One Red ThreadOne Red ThreadErnie Wood4/15/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction / LiteraryMemoryPresent dayPrevious decades in Eddy's lifeIn ruminating on his memories of the past, architect Eddy McBride learns to actually move into the past physically. But as he turns from an observer of family tragedy to a fixer of mistakes, following the "one red thread" of his history, he must live with the repercussions of his actions in the present.
Cover of The Windmill of Time: A Time Travel MemoirThe Windmill of Time: A Time Travel MemoirJeffrey Goldberg4/14/2014NovelAdultRomance / FantasyTime Machine20431971In 2043, the government is sending the elderly back in time to reduce the drain on Social Security and Medicare. Ninety-two-year-old Jeffrey Goldberg embarks on a journey back to 1971 and his twenty-year-old body. Once united with his former self, Jeffrey has but one goal - alter his past and correct the mistakes that caused him to lose his first love, Laureen.
Cover of Five Minutes MoreFive Minutes MoreJoe Eliseon4/11/2014StoryAdultFantasy
Cover of A Lady Most DangerousA Lady Most DangerousCaroline Hanson4/9/2014NovelAdultRomanceHelen Foster, Book 2
Cover of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustThe First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustClaire North4/8/2014NovelAdultMystery
Cover of Time and Time AgainTime and Time AgainMichael Siddall4/5/2014NovelAdultFantasyThe Fourth Dimension, Book 2
Cover of This Edge of ForeverThis Edge of ForeverBarbara Bartholomew3/30/2014NovelAdultRomance / Fantasy
Cover of The RuneThe RuneBrian K. Larson3/23/2014NovelAdultScience FictionSecret of the Crystal, Book 5
Cover of Traveler's HotelTraveler's HotelC.R. Downing3/15/2014Story collectionAdultScience FictionEight stories about people who travel in time via the properties of a unique hotel.
Cover of The Shadow WatcherThe Shadow WatcherRoari Benjamin3/6/2014NovelAdult
Cover of IntertwineIntertwineNicole Van3/3/2014NovelAdultRomanceHouse of Oak, Book 1
Cover of Time ShiftersTime ShiftersShanna Lauffey3/2/2014NovellaAdultScience Fiction / MysteryThe Chronicles of the Harekaiian, Episode 1
Cover of Einstein's SecretEinstein's SecretIrving Belateche3/1/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of True to the HighlanderTrue to the HighlanderBarbara Longley2/18/2014NovelAdultRomanceThe Novels of Loch Moigh, Book 1
Cover of Love Beyond HopeLove Beyond HopeBethany Claire2/17/2014NovelAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 3
Cover of Highlander's CastleHighlander's CastleJoanne Wadsworth2/16/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceScotland 21st centuryScotland 16th centuryIn this enchanting time-travel romance, Anne magically swaps places with her ancestor and falls for Alex, a sexy Highland warrior. Will their love defy the centuries, or will destiny tear them apart?Highlander Heat, Book 1
Cover of The White Wolf Prophecy: MatingThe White Wolf Prophecy: MatingL.K. Kelley2/14/2014NovelAdultFantasyThe White Wolf Prophecy, Book 1
Cover of The Phoenix DecreeThe Phoenix DecreeAnna Albergucci2/12/2014NovelAdultRomanceThe Phoenix Decreee Saga, Book 1
Cover of A Second ChanceA Second ChanceJodi Taylor2/11/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, Book 3
Cover of Wishing for a HighlanderWishing for a HighlanderJessi Gage2/1/2014NovelAdultHistorical RomanceHighland Wishes, Book 1
Cover of Beautiful WreckBeautiful WreckLarissa Brown1/31/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of TemplumTemplumJennifer Malin1/31/2014NovelAdult
Cover of HookedHookedA.K. Adler1/30/2014NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Briton and the Dane: TimelineThe Briton and the Dane: TimelineMary Ann Bernal1/29/2014NovelAdultHistorical FantasyThe Briton and Dane series, Book 5
Cover of Time and ForeverTime and ForeverSusan B. James1/27/2014NovelAdultRomance
Cover of The Cartography of Sudden DeathThe Cartography of Sudden DeathCharlie Jane Anders1/22/2014StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of Forgotten LegacyForgotten LegacyBrian K. Larson1/20/2014NovelAdultScience FictionSecret of the Crystal, Book 4
Cover of Dinosaur DawnDinosaur DawnDeborah O'Neill Cordes1/13/2014NovelAdultScience FictionDinosaurian Time Travel Series, Book 1
Cover of Bobbi and the BootleggerBobbi and the BootleggerBarbara Bartholomew1/9/2014NovelAdultRomance / SuspenseMedicine Stick Series, Book 3
Cover of Wakening the PastWakening the PastBarbara Bartholomew1/9/2014NovelAdultRomance / FantasyMedicine Stick Series, Book 2
Cover of Wrong Face in the MirrorWrong Face in the MirrorBarbara Bartholomew1/9/2014NovelAdultRomance / FantasyMedicine Stick Series, Book 1
Cover of The MoonstoneThe MoonstoneNikki Broadwell1/8/2014NovelAdultFantasyWolfmoon Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of Time to ServeTime to ServeMark Gallard1/1/2014NovelAdultSimon Kingsly, Book 2
Cover of A Raucous TimeA Raucous TimeJulia Hughes12/31/2013NovelAdultMysteryCeltic Cousins' Adventures, Book 1
Cover of Time Ship Book 2Time Ship Book 2Ian C.P. Irvine12/28/2013NovelAdult
Cover of Lemurian MediumLemurian MediumG.G. Collins12/23/2013NovelAdultRachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries, Book 2
Cover of 30,000 BC Chronicles: Bordeaux30,000 BC Chronicles: BordeauxMatthew Thayer12/16/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction30,000 BC Chronicles, Book 1
Cover of 30,000 BC Chronicles: Gibralter30,000 BC Chronicles: GibralterMatthew Thayer12/16/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction30,000 BC Chronicles, Book 3
Cover of 30,000 BC Chronicles: Tuscany30,000 BC Chronicles: TuscanyMatthew Thayer12/16/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction30,000 BC Chronicles, Book 2
Cover of A Lady Out of TimeA Lady Out of TimeCaroline Hanson12/13/2013NovelAdultRomanceHelen Foster, Book 1
Cover of Reluctant MediumReluctant MediumG.G. Collins12/13/2013NovelAdultRachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries, Book 1
Cover of Forever His: A Time-Travel RomanceForever His: A Time-Travel RomanceShelly Thacker12/5/2013NovelAdultRomanceStolen Brides Series, Book 1
Cover of Time Will TellTime Will TellJames Paddock11/30/2013NovelAdultScience FictionTime-Travel Duo, Book 2
Cover of Touching CrystalTouching CrystalSheron Wood McCartha11/29/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 6
Cover of A Conall ChristmasA Conall ChristmasBethany Claire11/26/2013NovellaAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 2.5
Cover of Preserving WillPreserving WillAlex Albrinck11/26/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 5
Cover of Abandon HopeAbandon HopeAlan Tucker11/22/2013NovelAdultScience FictionTales of Uncertainty, Book 2
Cover of Love Beyond ReasonLove Beyond ReasonBethany Claire11/19/2013NovelAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 2
Cover of Beyond the Blue DoorBeyond the Blue DoorAlice White11/17/2013NovelAdultRomance / FantasyBlue Door Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of Prisoner in TimePrisoner in TimeChristopher David Petersen11/17/2013NovelAdultMedical ThrillerBook 2
Cover of Return to the Blue DoorReturn to the Blue DoorAlice White11/17/2013NovelAdultRomance / FantasyBlue Door Trilogy, Book 3
Cover of Sands of TimeSands of TimeMonique Martin11/17/2013NovelAdultHistorical FantasyOut of Time, Book 6
Cover of Tear in TimeTear in TimeChristopher David Petersen11/17/2013NovelAdultMedical ThrillerBook 1
Cover of The Blue DoorThe Blue DoorAlice White11/17/2013NovelAdultRomance / FantasyBlue Door Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of In Times Like TheseIn Times Like TheseNathan Van Coops11/13/2013NovelAdultScience FictionIn Times Like These, Book 1
Cover of London 2012: What if? Book 2London 2012: What if? Book 2Ian C.P. Irvine11/9/2013NovelAdult
Cover of When a Child is BornWhen a Child is BornJodi Taylor11/9/2013StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, short story
Cover of Love Beyond TimeLove Beyond TimeBethany Claire11/5/2013NovelAdultRomanceMorna's Legacy, Book 1
Cover of River of TimeRiver of TimeSharon Ricklin Jones10/25/2013NovelAdultRomance
Cover of A Symphony of EchoesA Symphony of EchoesJodi Taylor10/22/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, Book 2
Cover of Beethoven's Immortal: A Time Travel Romance NovelBeethoven's Immortal: A Time Travel Romance NovelJeff Fuell10/20/2013NovelAdultRomance / Science Fiction
Cover of Man in the Empty SuitMan in the Empty SuitSean Ferrell10/15/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of DestinyDestinyBrian K. Larson10/12/2013NovelAdultScience FictionSecret of the Crystal, Book 3
Cover of Just One Damned Thing After AnotherJust One Damned Thing After AnotherJodi Taylor9/12/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronicles of St. Mary's, Book 1
Cover of Of Vice and VirtueOf Vice and VirtueE.B. Brown9/7/2013NovelAdultHistorical RomanceTime Walkers, Book 3
Cover of The ForgeThe ForgeBrian K. Larson9/3/2013NovelAdultScience FictionSecret of the Crystal, Book 2
Cover of The Last MacKlennaThe Last MacKlennaKatherine Lowry Logan8/30/2013NovelAdultRomanceCeltic Brooch Series, Book 2
Cover of Sand City MurdersSand City MurdersM.K. Alexander8/22/2013NovelAdultMysteryTractus Fynn Mystery, Book 1
Cover of Secret of the CrystalSecret of the CrystalBrian K. Larson8/22/2013NovelAdultScience FictionSecret of the Crystal, Book 1
Cover of Just Once in a Verra Blue MoonJust Once in a Verra Blue MoonDawn Marie Hamilton8/21/2013NovelAdultRomanceHighland Gardens, Book 2
Cover of Echo in TimeEcho in TimeLindsey Fairleigh8/16/2013NovelAdultParanormal RomanceEcho Trilogy, Book 1; previously published as Echo Prophecy
Cover of Lavender BlueLavender BlueBarbara Bartholomew8/14/2013NovelAdultRomance / FantasyLavender, Texas Series, Book 4
Cover of Birth of the AllianceBirth of the AllianceAlex Albrinck8/9/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 4
Cover of No-Time Like the PresentNo-Time Like the PresentL. Darby Gibbs7/18/2013NovelAdultScience FictionStudents of Jump, Book 2
Cover of Somewhere in the HighlandsSomewhere in the HighlandsBeth Trissel7/17/2013NovelAdultRomanceSomewhere in Time, Book 4
Cover of The Impossible Lives of Greta WellsThe Impossible Lives of Greta WellsAndrew Sean Greer6/25/2013NovelAdult
Cover of Thursday's ChildThursday's ChildMonique Martin6/20/2013NovelAdultMysteryOut of Time, Book 5
Cover of For Eternity: Time Travel RomanceFor Eternity: Time Travel RomanceSuzanne D. Williams6/4/2013NovelAdultRomance
Cover of The Beautiful LandThe Beautiful LandAlan Averill6/4/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The FirebirdThe FirebirdSusanna Kearsley6/4/2013NovelAdultParanormal RomanceSlains, Book 2
Cover of Just Beyong the Garden GateJust Beyong the Garden GateDawn Marie Hamilton5/18/2013NovelAdultRomanceHighland Gardens, Book 1
Cover of Leaving LavenderLeaving LavenderBarbara Bartholomew5/17/2013NovelAdultRomance / FantasyLavender, Texas Series, Book 3
Cover of Return of the Pale FeatherReturn of the Pale FeatherE.B. Brown5/15/2013NovelAdultHistorical RomanceTime Walkers, Book 2
Cover of The Legend of the BloodstoneThe Legend of the BloodstoneE.B. Brown5/4/2013NovelAdultHistorical RomanceTime Walkers, Book 1
Cover of Future PastFuture PastRobin Winter5/1/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Unburning AlexandriaUnburning AlexandriaPaul Levinson4/25/2013NovelAdultScience FictionSierra Waters, Book 2
Cover of The Shining GirlsThe Shining GirlsLauren Beuks4/15/2013NovelAdultPsychological Thriller / Science FictionHouse1930s, Chicago1930s - 1990sSerial killer Harper Curtis find a time portal in a strange house in Depression-era Chicago, allowing him to hunt girls in different eras. But one of his "shining girls", Kirby Mazrachi from 1989, gets away - then turns the tables and begins hunting him.
Cover of Space SongSpace SongSheron Wood McCartha4/13/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 5
Cover of The Buried PyramidThe Buried PyramidJerry Dubs4/11/2013NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime portalImhotep, Book 2
Cover of Ascent of the AliomentiAscent of the AliomentiAlex Albrinck4/5/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 3
Cover of Medieval LoveMedieval LoveNina Moon3/13/2013NovellaAdultRomance
Cover of The Most Powerful Man in the WorldThe Most Powerful Man in the WorldStephen Thompson3/11/2013StoryAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Every Hill and MountainEvery Hill and MountainDeborah Heal3/8/2013NovelAdultMystery / ReligiousHistory Mystery Series, Book 3
Cover of Letters from Another TownLetters from Another TownBarbara Bartholomew3/5/2013NovelAdultRomance / FantasyLavender, Texas Series, Book 2
Cover of A Stitch in TimeA Stitch in TimeAmanda James2/28/2013NovelAdultRomanceTime Traveler, Book 1
Cover of Stalin's Hammer: RomeStalin's Hammer: RomeJohn Birmingham2/25/2013NovelAdultMilitaryAxis of Time: Stalin's Hammer, Book 1
Cover of As You WishAs You WishJennifer Malin2/12/2013NovelAdult
Cover of The Devil's DueThe Devil's DueMonique Martin1/31/2013NovelAdultMysteryOut of Time, Book 4
Cover of Preserving HopePreserving HopeAlex Albrinck1/29/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 2
Cover of A Question of WillA Question of WillAlex Albrinck1/11/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 1
Cover of Hunting WillHunting WillAlex Albrinck1/11/2013NovelAdultScience FictionAliomenti Saga, Book 0
Cover of The Time ContessaThe Time ContessaGeorgina Young-Ellis1/10/2013NovelAdultRomanceTime Mistress Series, Book 3
Cover of The Ghosts of ChristmasThe Ghosts of ChristmasPaul Cornell12/19/2012StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of The Ghost and Miss HallamThe Ghost and Miss HallamBarbara Bartholomew11/14/2012NovelAdultRomance / FantasyLavender, Texas Series, Book 1
Cover of Knot in TimeKnot in TimeAlan Tucker11/11/2012NovelAdultScience FictionTales of Uncertainty, Book 1
Cover of Hide in TimeHide in TimeAnna Faversham11/6/2012NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Past the Event HorizonPast the Event HorizonSheron Wood McCartha11/5/2012NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 4
Cover of Cu1ture B0mbCu1ture B0mbC.J. Moseley11/2/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyThe Paradox War Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of Beyond the New FrontierBeyond the New FrontierCliff Ball10/25/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Come Home to MeCome Home to MePeggy L. Henderson10/16/2012NovelAdultRomanceSecond Chances Time Travel Romance, Book 1
Cover of An0ma1yAn0ma1yC.J. Moseley9/19/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyThe Paradox War Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of Unclaimed LegacyUnclaimed LegacyDeborah Heal8/17/2012NovelAdultMystery / ReligiousHistory Mystery Series, Book 2
Cover of London 2012: What if? Book 1London 2012: What if? Book 1Ian C.P. Irvine7/23/2012NovelAdult
Cover of The Teleportation AccidentThe Teleportation AccidentNed Beauman7/19/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Shadow of NightShadow of NightDeborah Harkness7/10/2012NovelAdultParanormal FantasyMagicPresent day1590 LondonHistorian Diana Bishop, descended from witches, and long-lived vampire Matthew Clairmont have broken the laws dividing creatures. Now the fragile coexistence of witches, daemons, vampires and humans is dangerously threatened. Seeking safety, Diana and Matthew travel back in time to London, 1590. But they soon realize that the past may not provide a haven.All Souls Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of Timeless DesireTimeless DesireGwyn Cready7/10/2012NovelAdultRomance
Cover of FragmentsFragmentsMonique Martin6/24/2012NovelAdultMysteryOut of Time, Book 3
Cover of All the Time in the WorldAll the Time in the WorldMichael Siddall6/21/2012NovelAdultFantasyThe Fourth Dimension, Book 1
Cover of The House Near the RiverThe House Near the RiverBarbara Bartholomew6/8/2012NovelAdultRomance / Fantasy
Cover of A Ripple in TimeA Ripple in TimeJulia Hughes5/30/2012NovelAdultAdventureCeltic Cousins' Adventures, Book 2
Cover of After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the FalAfter the Fall, Before the Fall, During the FalNancy Kress4/1/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction2012 Nebula Award Winner, 2012 Locus Award Winner, 2013 Hugo Nominee, 2013 Sturgeon Award Nominee
Cover of The Ruby BroochThe Ruby BroochKatherine Lowry Logan3/31/2012NovelAdultRomanceCeltic Brooch Series, Book 1
Cover of Ponctoan SpearPonctoan SpearT.A. Walters3/28/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyHistorical Time Travel, Book 1
Cover of super psycho future killerssuper psycho future killersDaryl Banner3/24/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Cosmic EntanglementCosmic EntanglementSheron Wood McCartha3/1/2012NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 3
Cover of BacktrackBacktrack Fred Covitz, Robert Muentener2/17/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Time and AgainTime and AgainDeborah Heal1/24/2012NovelAdultMystery / ReligiousHistory Mystery Series, Book 1
Cover of Out of TimeOut of TimeDavid Lavigne1/18/2012NovelAdultThriller
Cover of TempestTempestJulie Cross1/17/2012NovelAdultScience Fiction / ThrillerBiological20092007College student Jackson Meyer has a special ability - he can time travel a few days in the past. His travels, however, never alter the future - until strangers burst into his girlfriend Holly's dorm room and kill her. Then he goes back two years into the past, to try to find out more about the motivation for the attack - and if Holly's life can be saved. Tempest is the first book in The Tempest Trilogy. Followed by Vortex and Timestorm .
Cover of Haunted WarriorHaunted WarriorAllie Mackay1/3/2012NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Yellowstone Heart SongYellowstone Heart SongPeggy L. Henderson1/2/2012NovelAdultRomanceYellowstone Romance, Book 1
Cover of The Time HeiressThe Time HeiressGeorgina Young-Ellis12/3/2011NovelAdultRomanceTime Mistress Series, Book 2
Cover of To Breathe the Breath of IsisTo Breathe the Breath of IsisElizabeth Marx11/30/2011NovelAdultHistorical Romance
Cover of When the Walls FellWhen the Walls FellMonique Martin11/18/2011NovelAdultRomance / MysteryOut of Time, Book 2
Cover of 2333723337Stephen King11/8/2011NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalDiner storeroom2010s USA1963 USAJake Epping's friend Al, owner of the local diner, enlists Jake to take over the mission that has become his obsession - to prevent the Kennedy assassination. How? By stepping through a portal in the diner's storeroom, and into the era of Ike and Elvis, of big American cars, sock hops, and cigarette smoke...King's premise is not new - see Stanley Shapiro's 1986 novel A Time to Remember .
Cover of Circle of TimeCircle of TimeLynn Hanna10/18/2011NovelAdultRomanceMatt and Rainey have survived challenges beyond imagining in order to be together. But their journey has only just begun and the perils they must face may tear them apart or bring them closer together.Starry Child Series, Book 2
Cover of The Rose GardenThe Rose GardenSusanna Kearsley10/4/2011NovelAdultRomance
Cover of A Dangerous Talent for TimeA Dangerous Talent for TimeSheron Wood McCartha9/15/2011NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 2
Cover of Out of TimeOut of TimeMonique Martin9/6/2011NovelAdultParanormal RomanceOut of Time, Book 1
Cover of WikihistoryWikihistoryDesmond Warzel8/31/2011StoryAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Starry ChildThe Starry ChildLynn Hanna8/28/2011NovelAdultRomanceA young mother learns that her own destiny is forever tied to a man she hardly knows, a man of the Highlands. Yet in her heart, she realizes that he's someone she has always known. And at the center of it all lies an undying love held in secret by a little girl.Starry Child Series, Book 1
Cover of DisconnectedDisconnectedA.K. Adler8/24/2011NovelAdultComedy Thriller
Cover of Truett's FixTruett's FixRex Evans Wood8/20/2011NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Before Ever AfterBefore Ever AfterSamantha Sotto8/2/2011NovelAdultFantasy / Mystery
Cover of Black Magic: A Time Travel RomanceBlack Magic: A Time Travel RomanceBrenda Jernigan8/1/2011NovelAdultRomance
Cover of In Times PassedIn Times PassedL. Darby Gibbs7/31/2011NovelAdultScience FictionStudents of Jump, Book 1
Cover of Time Considered as a Series of Thermite Burns in No Particular OrderTime Considered as a Series of Thermite Burns in No Particular OrderDamien Broderick5/25/2011StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of Toward YesterdayToward YesterdayPaul Antony Jones5/3/2011NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Time BaronessThe Time BaronessGeorgina Young-Ellis4/3/2011NovelAdultRomanceTime Mistress Series, Book 1
Cover of The Lost Time AccidentsThe Lost Time AccidentsJohn Wray3/1/2011NovelAdultLiteraryApartment2010s - New YorkOutside of time flowBroken-hearted Waldemar 'Waldy' Tolliver wakes one morning to discover that his apartment has been exiled from the flow of time. The world continues to turn, and Waldy is desperate to find his way back-a journey that forces him to reckon not only with the betrayal at the heart of his doomed romance but also the legacy of his great-grandfather's fatal pursuit of the hidden nature of time itself.Although Waldy's apartment has somehow gotten "outside" of the flow of time, much of the book is spent in his recounting of his family history in 1900s Vienna, WWII Germany and US in the Science Fiction pulp days.
Cover of A Discovery of WitchesA Discovery of WitchesDeborah Harkness2/8/2011NovelAdultParanormal SuspenseAll Souls Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of Caught in TimeCaught in TimeSheron Wood McCartha11/11/2010NovelAdultScience FictionAlysian Universe Series, Book 1
Cover of All ClearAll ClearConnie Willis10/19/2010NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional UniverseHow to Live Safely in a Science Fictional UniverseCharles Yu9/7/2010NovelAdultScience Fiction / LiteraryTime machineSome era in Minor Universe 31Past and future events in the life of Charles Yu.The author casts himself as a time travel mechanic in Minor Universe 31, fixing time machines for people who get into trouble trying to change the past. Accompanied by his depressed computer, TAMMY, and his non-existent dog, Ed, he visits his mother, caught in a time loop, and searches for his father, who invented time travel and then vanished.
Cover of Dancing with SpiritsDancing with SpiritsCarol Arnall8/22/2010NovelAdultParanormal
Cover of Epilogue: Time Machine ChroniclesEpilogue: Time Machine ChroniclesJaime V. Batista5/28/2010NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine1890s, England802,701 and other timesA continuation of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, where the Time Traveller reappears and has more adventures.Written in what is very close to Wells' original style.
Cover of Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles Vol. 2: 2858-2862Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles Vol. 2: 2858-2862Joe Pranaitis4/30/2010NovelAdultScience FictionInfinite Possibilities, Book 2
Cover of BuckyballBuckyballFabien Roy4/7/2010NovelAdult
Cover of ImhotepImhotepJerry Dubs4/4/2010NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime portalImhotep, Book 1
Cover of Expiration DateExpiration DateDuane Swierczynski3/30/2010NovelAdultScience Fiction / MysteryPills (created by crackpot scientist)Early 21st Century, Philadelphia1972, PhiladelphiaUnemployed journalist Mickey Wade, who recently moved into his grandfather's old apartment in a down-at-heel Philadelphia neighborhood, takes some aspirin for a hangover and wakes up in 1972, the year he was born. Can he prevent his father's murder and change his family history?
Cover of Not Less Than GodsNot Less Than GodsKage Baker3/16/2010NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 10
Cover of BlackoutBlackoutConnie Willis2/2/2010NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Faces in TimeFaces in TimeLewis Aleman12/15/2009NovelAdultThriller
Cover of An Echo in the BoneAn Echo in the BoneDiana Gabaldon9/22/2009NovelAdultHistorical RomanceOutlander, Book 7
Cover of TransitionTransitionIain M. Banks9/3/2009NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of First FlightFirst FlightMary Robinette Kowal8/25/2009StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles Vol.1: 2853-2857Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles Vol.1: 2853-2857Joe Pranaitis6/23/2009NovelAdultScience FictionInfinite Possibilities, Book 1
Cover of The Empress of MarsThe Empress of MarsKage Baker5/12/2009NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 9, original novella published in 2003
Cover of Travelling LightTravelling LightDiana Rubino5/8/2009NovelAdultHistorical RomanceIn the present, Leigh Halliday sleeps in the bed once owned by King Richard III, and wakes up in Richard's bed, but in Richard's time, 1485. 
Cover of We Haven‚’t Got There YetWe Haven‚’t Got There YetHarry Turtledove3/19/2009StoryAdultScience FictionShort fiction presented on
Cover of Following the Trail of BloodFollowing the Trail of BloodAlan Robbins2/25/2009NovelAdultScience Fiction / Mystery
Cover of Forever AvalonForever AvalonMark Piggott2/25/2009NovelAdultFantasyForever Avalon, Book 1
Cover of The Map of TimeThe Map of TimeFelix J. Palma12/16/2008NovelAdultParanormal ThrillerOriginally published in Spain as El Mapa del Tiempo
Cover of The Little BookThe Little BookSelden Edwards8/14/2008NovelAdultLiteraryPhysical assault1988, San Francisco1897, ViennaAfter being assaulted in San Francisco in 1988, Stan "Wheeler" Burden finds he has been mysteriously transported to Vienna and the year is 1897 - the era of Freud, Mahler, and young Hitler.It reportedly took Edwards 30 years to write this novel - quite a time travel in itself!
Cover of Time CouriersTime CouriersC.Q. Scafidi8/4/2008NovelAdultMystery / Thriller
Cover of Before Anne AfterBefore Anne AfterJames Paddock7/21/2008NovelAdultTime-Travel Duo, Book 1
Cover of The Region of UnlikenessThe Region of UnlikenessRivka Galchen3/24/2008StoryAdultLiteraryUnknownSome future ageEarly 21st centuryAfter meeting Jacob and Ilan in a coffee shop, the narrator learns that Ilan is Jacob's unborn, time traveling son from the future - and she might well be his mother.First published in The New Yorker .
Cover of The Winter SeaThe Winter SeaSusanna Kearsley1/16/2008NovelAdultRomance / FantasySlains, Book 1
Cover of FirstbornFirstbornArthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter12/26/2007NovelAdultScience FictionTime Odyssey, Book 3
Cover of Highlander in Her DreamsHighlander in Her DreamsAllie Mackay11/6/2007NovelAdultRomanceRavenscraig Legacy, Book 2
Cover of Spring Rain on the WindSpring Rain on the WindKristina O'Donnelly10/8/2007NovelAdultRomance / Fantasy
Cover of The Merchant and the Alchemist's GateThe Merchant and the Alchemist's GateTed Chiang9/1/2007StoryAdultFantasyFirst appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 2007
Cover of The Accidental Time MachineThe Accidental Time MachineJoe Haldeman8/7/2007NovelAdultScience FictionTime MachineEarly 21st CenturyDifferent eras, including the 23rd century and several thousand years in the futureMIT assistant Joe Fuller accidentally creates a time machine when constructing a gravity/light calibrator. Each time he jumps into the machine he travels twelve times further into the future (from days to months to years to centuries and millenniums). He gets arrested for the murder of a drug dealer, entangled in a 23rd-century theocracy, is manipulated by an artificial intelligence, and even manages to fall in love.
Cover of The Sons of HeavenThe Sons of HeavenKage Baker7/10/2007NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 8
Cover of JauntJauntErik J. Kreffel5/18/2007NovelAdultScience FictionThree caches of enigmatic jewels are discovered in Asia, artifacts from an extraterrestrial crash that bear a disturbing capability to alter time. Special Agent James Gilmour must overcome his distrust of his assignment and travel through space and time to prevent the Russian-led Confederation of Independent States from assembling a temporal superweapon from these jewels to conquer not just the world, but history itself
Cover of FlightFlightSherman Alexie3/28/2007NovelAdultHistorical Fiction
Cover of Final ImpactFinal ImpactJohn Birmingham3/20/2007NovelAdultMilitaryAxis of Time, Book 3
Cover of Gods and PawnsGods and PawnsKage Baker1/1/2007Story collectionAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldStories set in The Company universe
Cover of The Machine's ChildThe Machine's ChildKage Baker9/19/2006NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 7
Cover of Into the DreamingInto the DreamingKaren Marie Moning8/6/2006NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 8
Cover of SojournSojournJana G. Oliver5/1/2006NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime machine20571888, LondonTime Rover Jacynda Lassiter is sent to London in 1888 to locate an overdue time traveling tourist, but becomes involved in the Jack the Ripper killings and a plot by mysterious shape-shifters known as Transitives.First novel in Oliver's Time Rovers trilogy. The others are Virtual Evil and Madman's Dance .
Cover of The Plot to Save SocratesThe Plot to Save SocratesPaul Levinson2/7/2006NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime Machine2042, Athens404 BC Athens, late 19th century London and New York, and other eras21st century graduate student Sara Walters is given a copy of a previously unknown dialogue of Socrates, offering the Greek philosopher an escape from his death sentence in order to be cloned in the future. This leads Walters on her own time travel adventure, involving Heron of Alexandria, the Athenian general Alcibiades, 19th century publisher William Henry Appleton, as well as Plato and Socrates himself. Sierra Waters, Book 1
Cover of The Children of the CompanyThe Children of the CompanyKage Baker11/1/2005NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 6
Cover of Designated TargetsDesignated TargetsJohn Birmingham10/25/2005NovelAdultMilitaryAxis of Time, Book 2
Cover of A Breath of Snow and AshesA Breath of Snow and AshesDiana Gabaldon9/27/2005NovelAdultHistorical RomanceOutlander, Book 6
Cover of Spell of the HighlanderSpell of the HighlanderKaren Marie Moning8/30/2005NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 7
Cover of MammothMammothJohn Varley6/7/2005NovelAdultScience FictionTime machine (silver briefcase)Early 21st Century12,000 years in the pastBillionaire Howard Christian wants to clone mammoths for his circuses. However when his team finds a mammoth frozen in the ice, they also discover two humans, one of whom has a metal briefcase that functions as a time portal to the Pleistocene.
Cover of SunstormSunstormArthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter3/29/2005NovelAdultScience FictionTime Odyssey, Book 2
Cover of All You Need Is KillAll You Need Is KillHiroshi Sakurazaka12/18/2004Graphic NovelAdultScience FictionCentral nexus time loopNear future, JapanOne day earlierKeiji Kiriya supposedly dies in a battle against invading aliens known as Mimics. But when he wakes up it is the day before the battle again.
Cover of The Life of the World to ComeThe Life of the World to ComeKage Baker12/1/2004NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 5
Cover of The Immortal HighlanderThe Immortal HighlanderKaren Marie Moning8/4/2004NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 6
Cover of Weapons of ChoiceWeapons of ChoiceJohn Birmingham1/1/2004NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalRift in time caused by quantum experiment2021, South Pacific1942, South PacificWhile battling a radical Islamic caliphate in Indonesia, an experiment on a secret navel vessel goes awry, sending the crew back to 1942, just before the Battle of Midway.Axis of Time Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of The Salt RoadsThe Salt RoadsNalo Hopkinson11/1/2003NovelAdult
Cover of The Time Traveler's WifeThe Time Traveler's WifeAudrey Niffenegger9/9/2003NovelAdultLiteraryGenetic disorder1960s - 2000s Chicago area1960s - 2000s Chicago areaHenry, who has a genetic disorder that randomly thrusts him naked into the past for a certain period of time, befriends his future wife Clare as a child and adolescent.A film version was released in 2009.
Cover of Lady of the Two LandsLady of the Two LandsElizabeth Delisi4/6/2003NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Time's EyeTime's EyeArthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxter3/3/2003NovelAdultScience FictionTime Odyssey, Book 1
Cover of Only Time Will TellOnly Time Will TellSherry Lewis3/1/2003NovelAdultRomance
Cover of A Shortcut in TimeA Shortcut in TimeCharles Dickinson1/4/2003NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of GuardianGuardianJoe Haldeman12/3/2002NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalRaven1880s, USA1898, USADuring her adventures in 19th century America, Rosa Coleman encounters a shape-shifting Raven who transports her to an alternate 1898.
Cover of MeridianMeridianJohn Schettler11/1/2002NovelAdultScience FictionThe Arch (time machine)Near futureWorld War I era, Jordanian desertOn the eve of the first ever time travel experiment, physicist Paul Dorland and his team are planning to take in Shakespeare's The Tempest at the original Globe. However, a terrorist attack and a visit by a stranger from the future alter their plans.Schettler has written several more novels in the Meridian series.
Cover of Night WatchNight WatchTerry Pratchett11/1/2002NovelAdultFantasy / HumorMagical storm30th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution of the Twenty-Fifth of May (Discworld time)A number of years earlierCaught in a magical storm while pursuing a criminal, Sam Vimes finds he has been sent back in time. As if that isn't bad enough, he gets arrested for curfew breaking - by a younger version of himself!Part of Pratchett's hilariously monumental Discworld series
Cover of The Dark HighlanderThe Dark HighlanderKaren Marie Moning10/1/2002NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 5
Cover of Black Projects, White Knights: The Company DossiersBlack Projects, White Knights: The Company DossiersKage Baker9/1/2002Story collectionAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldStories set in The Company universe
Cover of Two In the FieldTwo In the FieldDarryl Brock7/1/2002NovelAdultSports
Cover of Bones of the EarthBones of the EarthMichael Swanwick3/1/2002NovelAdultScience FictionTime machineLate 20th or early 21st centuryMesozoic eraRichard Leyster, a paleontologist at the Smithsonian Museum, is recruited by a mysterious stranger into a secret time travel program that will allow him and his team to study dinosaurs in person. The technology is on loan from a strange race known as the Unchanging, with the stipulation that it can only be used as long as no alterations are made to recorded history.An expanded version of Swanwick's 199 story "Scherzo with Tyrannosaur".
Cover of The Fiery CrossThe Fiery CrossDiana Gabaldon11/6/2001NovelAdultHistorical RomanceOutlander, Book 5
Cover of Kiss of the HighlanderKiss of the HighlanderKaren Marie Moning9/4/2001NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 4
Cover of In The Service Of The QueenIn The Service Of The QueenC.K. Crigger8/1/2001NovelAdultHistorical FantasyThe Gunsmith, Book 1
Cover of Saeson of StormsSaeson of StormsSusanna Kearsley8/1/2001NovelAdultRomance
Cover of The ChronolithsThe ChronolithsRobert Charles Wilson8/1/2001NovelAdultScience FictionTau transference21st century, Thailand20 years earlier, ThailandScott Warden, a software designer, witnesses the appearance of a 200-foot stone pillar in the jungles of Thailand. It is a memorial for someone named Kuin, who had a military victory 20 years in the future. More monuments appear over the next years, leading to pro-Kuin and anti-Kuin cults and wars.
Cover of The Eyre AffairThe Eyre AffairJasper Fforde7/19/2001NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorChronograph1985, Great BritainSome years in the futureIn an alternate England where time travel is commonplace, Thursday Next, a Literary Detective for Special Operations, attempts to stop evil Acheron Hades, who is kidnapping characters from works of classic literature, including Jane Eyre. At one point, a future version of Thursday arrives and warns her about Hades. Thursday Next is a returning character in many of Fforde's novels.
Cover of Lord Darver's MatchLord Darver's MatchSusanne Marie Knight5/1/2001NovelAdultRomance
Cover of Thief of TimeThief of TimeTerry Pratchett5/1/2001NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of The Graveyard GameThe Graveyard GameKage Baker1/16/2001NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 4
Cover of Time Loves A HeroTime Loves A HeroAllen Steele1/1/2001NovelAdultScience FictionOriginally published as Chronospace
Cover of The Highander's TouchThe Highander's TouchKaren Marie Moning11/28/2000NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 3
Cover of Whispers Through TimeWhispers Through TimeSherry Lewis11/1/2000NovelAdultRomance
Cover of An Echo in TimeAn Echo in TimeSherry Lewis9/1/2000NovelAdultRomance
Cover of The Light of Other DaysThe Light of Other DaysStephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke4/16/2000NovelAdultScience FictionWormhole2040Any point in time (events can only be viewed)Ruthless industrialist Hiram Patterson and his sons develop a wormhole technology that uses light waves to view any place at any point in time. Although crime is decreased, unwelcome religious and political truths come to light.Baxter wrote the novel based on a synopsis from Clarke
Cover of 16321632Eric Flint2/1/2000NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalSpace/time anomaly (shards cast off by a mysterious alien race known as the Assiti)2000, West Virginia1631, Central GermanyA space/time anomaly transports the West Virginia mining town of Grantville, West Virginia, to central Germany in the year 1631. Led by Mike Stearns, the townspeople establish a New United States of Europe in the middle of the Thirty Years' War and a fragmenting Holy Roman Empire.With this book Flint established a shared, fictional universe called the Assiti Shards series, where small bits of land are displaced in time and space. Other Grantville books also followed.
Cover of Mendoza in HollywoodMendoza in HollywoodKage Baker2/1/2000NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 3
Cover of Mirror's EdgeMirror's EdgeCarol Davis2/1/2000NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 18
Cover of "Forty, Counting Down"Harry Turtledove12/1/1999StoryAdultScience FictionTime machineLate 20th or early 21st century19 years earlierAging computer genius Justin Kloster uses his newly invented time machine to visit his twenty-one-year-old self and try to change the relationship with his then-girlfriend, who would later divorce him. However he seems to be screwing things up even worse the second time around. Or is he?A companion story to "Twenty-One, Counting Up", which tells the same story as this one but from the persepctive of Justin's younger self. Published in Turtledove's collection Counting Up, Counting Down .
Cover of "Twenty-One, Counting Up"Harry Turtledove12/1/1999StoryAdultScience FictionTime machine19 years in the futureLate 20th or early 21st centuryBudding computer genius Justin Kloster is visited by his older self from the future, who tries to change Justin's relationship with his girlfriend. His older self says that the relationship in the future ends badly, and want to set things on the right course, but seems to be bumbling the job badly.A companion story to "Forty, Counting Down", which tells the same story as this one but from the persepctive of Justin's older self. Published in Turtledove's collection Counting Up, Counting Down .
Cover of A Time to DreamA Time to DreamSherry Lewis12/1/1999NovelAdultRomance
Cover of To Tame A Highland WarriorTo Tame A Highland WarriorKaren Marie Moning12/1/1999NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 2
Cover of TimelineTimelineMichael Crichton11/16/1999NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalQuantum technology1990s, USA1357, FranceArcheologists working on a medieval dig in France discover that their funder, the mysterious company ITC, has developed time travel capabilities, and that their lead archeologist, Professor Edward Johnson, has disappeared into the Middle Ages. They travel to 1357 in search of him.
Cover of All of an InstantAll of an InstantRichard Garfinkle11/2/1999NovelAdultScience FictionTime suitSome future ageThe InstantBy building a special suit, Dhiritirashta is able to swim out of the "solid stone" of cause and effect where people live, and into the waters of time where a gap in causality, the Instant, allows him to change all past and future human history. But his changes allow others to enter the Instant, creating a time war.
Cover of Late LessonsLate LessonsPaul Levinson10/1/1999NovellaAdultScience FictionOriginally published in October 1999 issue of ANALOG. Jeff Harris, Book 3
Cover of Manifold TimeManifold TimeStephen Baxter8/1/1999NovelAdultScience FictionManifold Trilogy
Cover of FlashforwardFlashforwardRobert J. Sawyer5/17/1999NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Beyond the Highland MistBeyond the Highland MistKaren Marie Moning3/9/1999NovelAdultRomanceHighlander, Book 1
Cover of Sky CoyoteSky CoyoteKage Baker2/1/1999NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence fieldThe Company, Book 2
Cover of Song and DanceSong and DanceMindy Peterman10/1/1998NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 17
Cover of A Fold in the Tent of the SkyA Fold in the Tent of the SkyMichael Hale9/16/1998NovelAdultParanormal Thriller
Cover of Little DifferencesLittle DifferencesPaul Levinson6/1/1998NoveletteAdultScience FictionNominated for HOMer award. Originally published in June 1998 issue of ANALOG. Jeff Harris, Book 2
Cover of ForeknowledgeForeknowledgeChristopher DeFilippis3/1/1998NovelAdultScience FictionSam has leapt from Ann-Marie Renerie into Candy Apple (Sarah Bullock), a female mud wrestler.,‚ ,‚ Sam moves on with his assignment for this leap, which involves keeping the club where Sam's host works open.,‚ ,‚ Little does he know that Ann-Marie remembers him, is angry about the way things have turned out and wants him dead.,‚ ,‚ Back at the Project, Al is trying to figure out what is happening with Ann-Marie and what is going on with Ziggy, and Sammie Jo is working on getting Sam homeQuantum Leap, Book 16
Cover of Island in the Sea of TimeIsland in the Sea of TimeS.M. Stirling2/1/1998NovelAdultScience FictionSpace/time anomaly19981250s BCA space/time anomaly transports the island of Nantucket (as well as a nearby Coast Guard cutter) to the 1250s BC, the Bronze age. The islanders survive by sailing the cutter to Britain to trade, and some leaders dream of military domination of Greece. First book in the Nantucket trilogy. Followed by Against the Tide of Years and The Oceans of Eternity .
Cover of Lost DaysLost DaysMike Moscoe2/1/1998NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryLost Millennium, Book 3, Mike Moscoe is a pseudonym for Mike Shepherd
Cover of FerneyFerneyJames Long1/5/1998NovelAdultHistorical RomanceFollowed by The Lives She Left Behind
Cover of In the Garden of IdenIn the Garden of IdenKage Baker12/1/1997NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime transcendence field24th centuryDifferent eras in the past, including 16th century EnglandMendoza, an orphan who has been turned into a cyborg botanist by a 24th century time travel entity known as The Company, is sent to Elizabethan England to gather samples from the garden of Sir Walter Iden - but ends up falling in love instead.The Company, Book 1. Other books in "The Company" series include Sky Coyote , Mendoza in Hollywood , The Graveyard Game , The Life of the World to Come , and the short story collection Black Projects, White Knights .
Cover of Heat WaveHeat WaveMelanie Kent11/1/1997NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 15
Cover of Loch Ness LeapLoch Ness LeapSandy Schofield7/1/1997NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 14
Cover of Second FireSecond FireMike Moscoe7/1/1997NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryLost Millennium, Book 2, Mike Moscoe is a pseudonym for Mike Shepherd
Cover of Time on My HandsTime on My HandsPeter Delacorte6/11/1997NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Loose EndsLoose EndsPaul Levinson5/1/1997NovellaAdultScience FictionNominated for the Hugo, Nebula and Sturgeon awards. Originally published in May 1997 issue of ANALOG. Jeff Harris, Book 1
Cover of ObsessionsObsessionsCarol Davis3/1/1997NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 13
Cover of Reflections in the NileReflections in the NileJ. Suzanne Frank3/1/1997NovelAdult
Cover of Corrupting Dr. NiceCorrupting Dr. NiceJohn Kessel2/1/1997NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorTime machine2063Cretaceous and 40 AD, JerusalemIn the later 21st century, when time travel is ubiquitous, Dr. Owen Vannice, known as "Dr. Nice", attempts to smuggle a baby Apatosaurus while assisting in a paleontological dig in the Cretaceous. However he winds up stranded in Jerusalem in 40 AD, where he meets and falls in love with a con artist named Genevieve Faison.Modeled after the screwball comedy films of the 1930s.
Cover of Angels UnawareAngels UnawareL. Elizabeth Storm1/1/1997NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 12
Cover of Making HistoryMaking HistoryStephen Fry1/1/1997NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorTime viewing machine1990s1880s, AustriaCambridge history student Michael "Puppy" Young and physicist Leo Zukerman hatch a plot to send a permanent male contraceptive pill back in a time viewing machine devised by Zukerman, so that it can be put in a well used by Hitler's father. But will an alternate history without Hitler be better or worse?Fry is better known as an actor, playing Jeeves in Jeeves and Wooster and Oscar Wilde and Wilde .
Cover of Rise of EndymionRise of EndymionDan Simmons1/1/1997NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyHyperion Cantos, Book 4
Cover of To Say Nothing of the DogTo Say Nothing of the DogConnie Willis1/1/1997NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Drums of AutumnDrums of AutumnDiana Gabaldon12/30/1996NovelAdultHistorical RomanceOutlander, Book 4
Cover of First DawnFirst DawnMike Moscoe12/1/1996NovelAdultScience Fiction / MilitaryLost Millennium, Book 1, Mike Moscoe is a pseudonym for Mike Shepherd
Cover of IndependenceIndependenceJohn Peel8/1/1996NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 11
Cover of Time Travelers Never DieTime Travelers Never DieJack McDevitt5/1/1996NovellaAdultOriginally published in Asimov's Science Fiction, May 1996
Cover of OdysseyOdysseyBarbara E. Walton3/1/1996NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 10
Cover of EndymionEndymionDan Simmons2/1/1996NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyHyperion Cantos, Book 3
Cover of Shadow of AshlandShadow of AshlandTerence M. Green2/1/1996NovelAdultParanormal Fantasy
Cover of Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher ColumbusPastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher ColumbusOrson Scott Card1/1/1996NovelAdultScience FictionTime viewerThe futureLate 15th centuryTagiri is a researcher at Pastwatch, which oversees "time viewer" machines allowing them to view the past. Her specialty is studying Christopher Columbus and his influence on the New World. After discovering that messages can be sent via the time viewers, she realizes that in an alternate timeline, Columbus sailed east instead of west, allowing the Tlaxcala empire to eventually invade Europe.Card plans to write additional novels in the Pastwatch series.
Cover of The Dechronization of Sam MagruderThe Dechronization of Sam MagruderGeorge Gaylord Simpson1/1/1996NovellaAdultScience FictionQuantum experiment216280 million years in the pastWhile working on quantum theory, Sam Magruder unintentionally travels back to the Cretaceous. He observes dinosaurs and other flora and fauna and records observations on a diary made of a slab of stone. Simpson was a renowned paleontologist. The novella was published posthumously.
Cover of TimequakeTimequakeKurt Vonnegut1/1/1996NovelAdultLiteraryTimequake2001, America1991, AmericaA "timequake" in the year 2001 sends people, among them Kilgore Trout, back to 1991, where they must relive the last ten years, making the same mistakes over again.The plot is more or less a framework for Vonnegut's essays, anecdotes and ramblings.
Cover of Double or NothingDouble or NothingC.J. Henderson12/1/1995NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 9
Cover of The Time ShipsThe Time ShipsStephen Baxter11/28/1995NovelAdult
Cover of The Gilded Age, A Time TravelThe Gilded Age, A Time TravelLisa Mason10/1/1995NovelAdultScience FictionA New York Times Notable Book, originally published as The Golden Nineties
Cover of The Chronology Protection CaseThe Chronology Protection CasePaul Levinson9/1/1995NoveletteAdultScience FictionOriginally published in Analog, September 1995
Cover of Quantum Leap: PreludeQuantum Leap: PreludeAshley McConnell8/1/1995NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap AcceleratorAn all-new Quantum Leap adventure, based on the smash hit TV series, gives readers the "beginning" of the story. Dr. Sam Beckett and Admiral Al Calavicci begin an experiment called Project Quantum Leap and discover the secret of time travel via computer. But someone wants to sabotage Quantum Leap before it starts.Quantum Leap, Book 6;
Cover of PulitzerPulitzerL. Elizabeth Storm6/1/1995NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 8
Cover of Random MeasuresRandom MeasuresAshley McConnell3/1/1995NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 7
Cover of Search and RescueSearch and RescueMelissa Crandall12/1/1994NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 6
Cover of MarianaMarianaSusanna Kearsley9/8/1994NovelAdultParanormal Romance
Cover of Knights of the MorningstarKnights of the MorningstarMelanie Rawn9/1/1994NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 5
Cover of PreludePreludeAshley McConnell6/1/1994NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 4
Cover of Summer of Love, A Time TravelSummer of Love, A Time TravelLisa Mason6/1/1994NovelAdultScience FictionA Philip K. Dick Award Finalist. A San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book of the Year.
Cover of The WallThe WallAshley McConnell1/1/1994NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 3
Cover of VoyagerVoyagerDiana Gabaldon12/1/1993NovelAdultHistorical RomanceOutlander, Book 3
Cover of Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science FictionTime Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science FictionPaul J. Nahin9/1/1993NonfictionAdultNonfiction---A rare nonfiction study of time travel, Time Machines covers the development of the time travel in fiction, time travel concepts such as time paradoxes, and speculations on time travel by physicists such as Einstein and Feynman.
Cover of Too Close For ComfortToo Close For ComfortAshley McConnell4/1/1993NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 2
Cover of The Battle of Long IslandThe Battle of Long IslandNancy Kress2/1/1993StoryAdultScience FictionOriginally published in Omni, Feb/Mar 1993
Cover of Einstein's DreamsEinstein's DreamsAlan Lightman1/4/1993NovelAdultMysteryAn imaginary re-creation of Einstein's discovery of the nature of time, this novel takes us through the young patent clerk's many dreams depicting compelling conceptions of time.
Cover of The Cross-Time EngineerThe Cross-Time EngineerLeo Frankowski1/1/1993NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime Machine1986, Poland1231, PolandPolish engineer Conrad Stargard gets drunk and falls asleep in a time machine built by a distant cousin. He wakes up in Poland in 1231, and cannot go back to his present because of causality. However his cousin can smuggle him 20th century arms, and Conrad organizes a military to fight off the Mongol invasion that he knows is imminent.Conrad's adventures continue in a series of further novels: The High-Tech Knight , The Radiant Warrior , The Flying Warlord , and Lord Conrad's Lady .
Cover of Quantum Leap: The NovelQuantum Leap: The NovelAshley McConnell11/1/1992NovelAdultScience FictionQuantum Leap, Book 1
Cover of The Ugly Little BoyThe Ugly Little BoyIsaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg9/10/1992NovelAdultScience FictionBased upon Asimov's 1958 short story of the same name. Published in the UK as Child of Time.
Cover of Dragonfly in AmberDragonfly in AmberDiana Gabaldon7/1/1992NovelAdultHistorical RomanceOutlander, Book 2
Cover of Back to the Time TrapBack to the Time TrapKeith Laumer6/1/1992NovelAdultScience FictionTime Trap, Book 2
Cover of Doomsday BookDoomsday BookConnie Willis1/1/1992NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime Machine2054, Oxford1348, OxfordMedieval historian Kivrin Engle is given permission by Oxford University to travel from the current late 21st Century to the year 1320, but due to a technician's error is sent to 1348, the outbreak of the Black Death. What's more, she's stranded there!Based in the same world as Willis' 1982 novelette "Fire Watch", and followed by To Say Nothing of the Dog , Black Out and All Clear . Interestingly, the time machine avoids paradoxes by not functioning, or by dropping the traveler at the closest possible place/time.
Cover of The Guns of the SouthThe Guns of the SouthHarry Turtledove1/1/1992NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime Machine2014, South Africa1864, ConfederacyYet another Civil War alternate reality novel. In this particular plot, it is white supremacists from South Africa who travel back to the US Civil War to provide the Confederacy with AK-47s and other armaments to give them victory over the Union.
Cover of The Hundred-Light-Year-DiaryThe Hundred-Light-Year-DiaryGreg Egan1/1/1992StoryAdultScience FictionStarThe future (but only messages can travel)Present dayAfter a star is discovered whose light shines from the future, a system is set up whereby people can send messages to themselves in the past. Most therefore know important information about their future, though some choose to live spontaneously and not send messages.First published in Interzone 55, January 1992
Cover of A Bridge of YearsA Bridge of YearsRobert Charles Wilson9/1/1991NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of OutlanderOutlanderDiana Gabaldon1/1/1991NovelAdultHistorical RomanceStanding stone1940s Scotland1740s ScotlandEnglishwoman Claire Randall, on vacation with her husband in Inverness following World War II, touches a standing stone and is transported to 18th Century Scotland, where she falls in with members of the Clan MacKenzie, including the dashing Jamie Fraser, in a setting reminiscent of Sir Walter Scott's Waverly .First book in the Outlander series, followed by seven Gabaldon novels and countless imitators. Also adapted as a television series on Starz.
Cover of 3 Rms Good View3 Rms Good ViewKaren Haber12/15/1990StoryAdultOriginally appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Mid-December 1990
Cover of The Fall of HyperionThe Fall of HyperionDan Simmons3/1/1990NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyHyperion Cantos, Book 2
Cover of Quantum Leap: The BeginningQuantum Leap: The BeginningJulie Robitaille1/1/1990NovelAdultScience FictionA Quantum Leap novel
Cover of Quantum Leap: The Ghost and the GumshoeQuantum Leap: The Ghost and the GumshoeJulie Robitaille1/1/1990NovelAdultScience FictionA Quantum Leap novel
Cover of The LangoliersThe LangoliersStephen King1/1/1990NovellaAdultScience Fiction / HorrorTime rip1980sSome time in the near pastTen passengers who were asleep wake up in the middle of a flight from LA to Boston find that they are the only ones left on the plane. Landing in Bangor, Maine, they find the airport too is deserted. They have flown into a time rip into the past and, what's worse, will soon be beset by the Langoliers - monsters who "eat" the past. Published in King's collection Four past Midnight .
Cover of If I Never Get BackIf I Never Get BackDarryl Brock12/1/1989NovelAdultSports
Cover of A Knight in Shining ArmorA Knight in Shining ArmorJude Devereaux8/1/1989NovelAdultRomance / Fantasy
Cover of HyperionHyperionDan Simmons1/1/1989NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyTime tombsThe futureThe pastIn the 28th century, amid a war between a monolithic war between human government and rebels that spans across interstellar colonies, seven pilgrims are sent to the distant colony of Hyperion to seek the answers to riddles in the Time Tombs - which apparently travel backwards in time and are guarded by a legendary time traveler called the Shrike. On their way, each pilgrim tells a tale, giving the book a Chaucerian structure.Winner of the 1989 Hugo Award.
Cover of Ripples In The Dirac SeaRipples In The Dirac SeaGeoffrey A. Landis10/1/1988StoryAdultScience Fiction (hard)Time Machine (which uses Dirac's theory of antimatter, Fermi particles, and other technical ideas)1980s1965 and other epochsThe narrator travels back in time using energy from the "Dirac sea". He hangs out as a hippie in the 1960s, but finds he cannot change anything in the past.First appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, October 1988. The story appears in The Time Traveler's Almanac anthology.
Cover of After the FactAfter the FactFred Saberhagen3/1/1988NovelAdultScience FictionPilgrim, Book 2
Cover of The Armageddon BluesThe Armageddon BluesDaniel Keys Moran3/1/1988NovelAdultScience FictionAlien tech "Doorway"27th century1962A hunter from the future travels back in time to prevent armageddon with the help of an immortal FrenchmanOriginally published as novella "All the Time in the World"
Cover of LightningLightningDean R. Koontz1/1/1988NovelAdultScience Fiction / ThrillerTime Machine (tunnel)19441984 and at other times during Laura's lifeThe blond stranger who mysteriously appears at different moments of Laura Shane's life to rescue her is not, as she things, a guardian angel, but a Nazi named Stefan, who participated in time travel experiments but later, influenced by Laura's poetry, renounced the Nazi cause.
Cover of ReplayReplayKen Grimwood1/1/1988NovelAdultScience FictionHeart attack19881963Jeff Winston dies of a heart attack and awakens as his eighteen-year-old self in 1963, but retaining his older life memories. Caught in a time loop, he repeatedly lives his life, always dying of a heart attack in 1988 and waking up at a few days, weeks and then years after his first return to 1963. During his lives he meets Pamela Phillips, another "replayer", and they fall in love.The premise is similar to the 1973 Richard A. Lupoff story "12:01 PM" later (1993) film Groundhog Day .
Cover of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyDirk Gently's Holistic Detective AgencyDouglas Adams1/1/1987NovelAdultScience Fiction (humor)Time machine1980s1797At one point in the story, "holistic" detective Dirk Gently must go back in time to prevent Samuel Taylor Coleridge from completing "Kubla Khan".
Cover of PyramidsPyramidsFred Saberhagen1/1/1987NovelAdultScience FictionPilgrim, Book 1
Cover of SphereSphereMichael Crichton1/1/1987NovelAdultTechno-thrillerSapcecraftThe futureHundreds of years into the past (discovered in 1980s)Psychologist Norman Johnson is one of a Navy team investigating a mysterious spacecraft discovered at the bottom of the Pacific ocean. The spacecraft is American, but from the future, and contains an extraterrestrial sphere of great power.None of the main characters actually travel in time. Rather the novel focuses on the sphere discovered in the spacecraft.
Cover of Time PressureTime PressureSpider Robinson1/1/1987NovelAdultScience FictionBlue light (time machine from the future?)Some future age1970s, Nova ScotiaDraft dodger Sam Meade is living a hippy's life in Nova Scotia when he discovers a naked woman asleep in the woods during a blizzard. Rachel is a time traveler from the future, on a mind-bending mission.The second book in Robinson's Lifehouse Trilogy .
Cover of Cosmic BanditosCosmic BanditosA.C. Weisbecker5/1/1986NovelAdult
Cover of Time Out of MindTime Out of MindJohn R. Maxim3/16/1986NovelAdultHistorical Thriller
Cover of A Time to RememberA Time to RememberStanley Shapiro1/1/1986NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine19861963David Russell, whose older brother died in the Vietnam war, meets eccentric physicist Hendrik Koopman, who has built a time machine. Russell convinces the scientist to send him back to November, 1963 to stop JFK's assassination, believing that if the president had lived, the Vietnam war would not have occurred.Shapiro, a Hollywood producer, turned the novel into the 1990 made-for-TV movie Running Against Time . It was broadcast four months after his death from leukemia.
Cover of Highway of EternityHighway of EternityClifford D. Simak1/1/1986NovelAdultScience FictionTime MachineLater 20th century1745 and other timesAfter one of his clients vanishes, secret agent Jay Corcoran discovers a time machine on an apartment balcony that only he can see with his "trick vision" (the result of a war injury). He and journalist Tom Boone, who has his own trick of "stepping around a corner" into otherwhere, find the time machine leads to a place called Hopkins Acre, England, in 1745. There they meet time traveling refugees from a distant future when an alien race, the Infinites, are seducing humans away into an immortal but incorporeal being.Simak's last published novel.
Cover of The Proteus OperationThe Proteus OperationJames P. Hogan9/1/1985NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine19751939In an alternate 1975 where the Axis powers won World War II and have conquered much of the world outside of North America, the Proteus team constructs a time machine that takes them back to 1939, where they can persuade the US and the UK to fight Germany and cut off Hitler's access to advanced weapons from time travelers from yet another alternate reality (one in which WWII never even occurred!).
Cover of The Book of KellsThe Book of KellsR.A. MacAvoy7/1/1985NovelAdultHistorical Fantasy
Cover of Star Trek: IshmaelStar Trek: IshmaelBarbara Hambly1/1/1985NovelAdultScience FictionTime slip created by white dwarf passing through cloud23rd Century, on a spaceship1860s SeattleWhile Spock is investigating a Klingon vessel giving off unusual power readings, it vanishes, moving back in time to 1860s Seattle. The Klingon's plot is to assassinate Aaron Stemple (a character in the ABC series Here Come the Brides ), who has enormous impact on future history. An amnesiac Spock is cared for by Stemple, who passes him off as his nephew Ishmael, while the crew of the Enterprise tries to track him down.Other fictional characters who have cameos in the book include Han Solo, Dr. Who, and Apollo and Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica .
Cover of The AdversaryThe AdversaryJulian May4/15/1984NovelAdultScience FictionPliocene Exiles, Book 4
Cover of The Toynbee ConvectorThe Toynbee ConvectorRay Bradbury1/1/1984StoryAdultScience FictionToynbee Convector19842084In 1984, Craig Bennett Stiles claimed to have traveled 100 years into the future using a device he calls the Toynbee Convector. A hundred years later, Stiles, now 130, gives an interview about his famous visit to what is now the present time.First published in Playboy, 1984. The story was later included in the 1988 collection of the same name.
Cover of A Century of ProgressA Century of ProgressFred Saberhagen9/1/1983NovelAdultScience FictionMask of the Sun, Book 2
Cover of The Nonborn KingThe Nonborn KingJulian May2/18/1983NovelAdultScience FictionPliocene Exiles, Book 3
Cover of MillenniumMillenniumJohn Varley1/1/1983NovelAdultScience FictionTime gateDistant future20th centuryTime travelers from the distant future, when the Earth is polluted and the human gene pool is beyond repair, capture 20th century passengers on board various airline flights that are destined to crash, with the goal of sending healthy humans to a new planet to reestablish civilization.Based on Varley's 1977 story "Air Raid". Varley later wrote the script for the 1989 film version of Millennium .
Cover of The Anubis GatesThe Anubis GatesTim Powers1/1/1983NovelAdultScience Fiction / FantasyMagic (Anubis gate)19831810Millionaire J. Cochran Darrow, who has discovered a time traveling gateway opened by Egyptian magicians in 1802 to summon the god Anubis, organizes a trip to 1810 to hear a lecture by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. However one of the party, literature professor Brandon Doyle, is kidnapped by a magician and trapped in the 19th century. Part of the "steampunk" genre that became popular in the 1980s.
Cover of The Shadow HunterThe Shadow HunterPat Murphy10/1/1982NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Golden TorcThe Golden TorcJulian May1/27/1982NovelAdultScience FictionPliocene Exiles, Book 2
Cover of Bound in TimeBound in TimeD.F. Jones1/1/1982NovelAdultWho better to take the leap through time than Mark Elverson, a man with an inoperable heart condition? The far future can only be an improvement for him.. or can it?.. A chilling fight for survival in worlds unknown and years unborn.
Cover of Fire WatchFire WatchConnie Willis1/1/1982NoveletteAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime MachineLate 21st century1940As an Oxford University historian of the later 21st Century, Bartholomew had trained to go time traveling as part of his research. However while he trained to meet St. Paul, through a mistake he was given an assignment to visit St. Paul's cathedral - during the Blitz!First published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Later published in the collection Fire Watch . Willis wrote subsequent novels about time traveling Oxford historians: Doomsday Book , To Say Nothing of the Do g, Black Out and All Clear .
Cover of On the Nature of TimeOn the Nature of TimeBill Prozini, Barry N. Malzberg9/1/1981StoryAdultScience FictionOriginally published in Amazing Science Fiction Stories, September 1981
Cover of The Many-Colored LandThe Many-Colored LandJulian May4/17/1981NovelAdultScience FictionTime warp2110Pliocene (6 million years in the past)A colorful band of exiles wishing to flee 22nd century life escape to the Pliocene via a time warp that had been discovered by a French physicist in 2034. There they find a war in progress between two different extraterrestrial races, the Tanu and the Firvulag.This is the first of four books that make up May's Saga of Pliocene Exile
Cover of A Rebel in TimeA Rebel in TimeHarry Harrison1/1/1980NovelAdultScience FictionTime machine1970s, USACivil War eraWhen a racist colonel in the US military uses a secret time machine to travel back to the Civil War and help the Confederacy win by giving them blueprints for a modern gun, a black officer follows in pursuit - and has problems of his own.This isn't Harrison's first foray into time travel - he wrote The Technicolor Time Machine in 1967.
Cover of KindredKindredOctavia E. Butler1/1/1980NovelAdultLiteraryUnknown1976, Los Angeles1815, MarylandDays after moving into a new house with her husband, Dana Franklin, a black writer in Los Angeles, begins having dizzy spells that transport her back in time to 1815 Maryland, to a plantation worked by slaves.Kindred is better known as a slave narrative; time travel is only a device allowing the heroine to personally explore the history of slavery in the US.
Cover of The Man Who Loved MorlocksThe Man Who Loved MorlocksDavid J. Lake1/1/1980NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine1892999480In this sequel to The Time Machine, the Time Traveler returns to the future to confront the Morlocks - this time with a camera and a Colt revolver.
Cover of The Restaurant at the End of the UniverseThe Restaurant at the End of the UniverseDouglas Adams1/1/1980NovelAdultScience Fiction / humorSpace ship1980s5.76 billion years into the futureDuring their zany adventures around & about the galaxy, Arthur, Ford, Zaphod and Trillian are transported to Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe - which is situated five hundred and seventy-six thousand million years in the future!Time paradoxes are also explored in the third installment of the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy: Life, the Universe, and Everything .
Cover of Thrice Upon a TimeThrice Upon a TimeJames P. Hogan1/1/1980NovelAdultScience FictionTau waves from decaying quarks2009Earlier in 2009An eccentric Scottish physicist creates a time machine in his castle capable of sending messages to the past and future. However, in doing so he inadvertently changes the timeline.Interestingly two books about sending messages in time via subatomic particles, Timescape and Thrice Upon a Time , were published in the same year.
Cover of TimescapeTimescapeGregory Benford1/1/1980NovelAdultScience FictionTachyon particles19981962In a 1998 filled with riots and ecological disaster, a team of English scientists sends a warming message back to 1962 using tachyon particles. Back in 1962 in California a young scientist, Gordon Bernstein, discovers that "noise" emanating from his physics experiment is in fact Morse code.Winner of the 1980 the Nebula award.
Cover of Closing the TimelidClosing the TimelidOrson Scott Card12/1/1979StoryAdultScience FictionTime travel box (with a timelid)Some future age1980sAs a party trick, people of the future travel back in time and jump in front of a truck to experience the sensation of death - before the timelid is lifted and they return.First published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, December 1979 . Appears in Card's collection Maps in a Mirror.
Cover of The Mask of the SunThe Mask of the SunFred Saberhagen2/1/1979NovelAdultScience FictionMask of the Sun, Book 1
Cover of Morlock NightMorlock NightK.W. Jeter1/1/1979NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine800000 years in the futureLate 19th century LondonThe Morlocks from the Time Machine themselves build a time machine, and travel to Victorian London.In describing the book, Jeter coined the term "steampunk".
Cover of Time After TimeTime After TimeKarl Alexander1/1/1979NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine1880s, London1970sScience FictionIn 2009 Alexander released a sequel to the story, Jaclyn the Ripper .
Cover of The Far ArenaThe Far ArenaRichard Ben Sapir1/16/1978NovelAdultFantasy Thriller
Cover of The MirrorThe MirrorMarlys Millhiser1/1/1978NovelAdultFantasy
Cover of The Very Slow Time MachineThe Very Slow Time MachineIan Watson1/1/1978StoryAdultScience FictionTime MachineFuture age1985In 1985, a time machine appears from the future. It's sold occupant is a crazy old man who seems to be growing younger with the passage of time.First published in the anthology Anticipations .
Cover of Vestiges of TimeVestiges of TimeRichard C. Meredith1/1/1978NovelAdultScience FictionTimeliner Trilogy, Book 3
Cover of Rotating Cylinders and the Possibility of Global Causality ViolationRotating Cylinders and the Possibility of Global Causality ViolationLarry Niven1/1/1977StoryAdultScience FictionTipler cylinderFuture ageFuture ageA future traveler discovers a half-finished Tipler cylinder - a type of time machine hypothesized by Frank Tipler.First published in Analog, August 1977
Cover of Time StormTime StormGordon R. Dickson1/1/1977NovelAdultScience FictionMistwalls (time storms)20th centuryVarious eras, mixed togetherCatastrophe ensues when a cosmic time storm transforms different sections of earth into different past, present and future times, throwing together refugees from different eras.
Cover of Woman on the Edge of TimeWoman on the Edge of TimeMarge Piercy5/1/1976NovelAdultScience Fiction / Thriller
Cover of Run, Come See JerusalemRun, Come See JerusalemRichard C. Meredith4/12/1976NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Space TrapSpace TrapJaunita Coulson2/1/1976NovelAdult
Cover of An Infinite SummerAn Infinite SummerChristopher Priest1/1/1976StoryAdultScience Fiction"Freeze" device19031935, 1940After proposing to his truelove Sarah in 1903, Thomas Lloyd was frozen out time by time travelers. Released in 1935, he can now, like the time travelers themselves, see frozen people, including Sarah, whom he visits every day, until she is unfrozen during the Blitz. First published in the Andromeda 1 anthology. It later appeared in the story collection An Infinite Summer .
Cover of No Brother, No FriendNo Brother, No FriendRichard C. Meredith1/1/1976NovelAdultScience FictionTimeliner Trilogy, Book 2
Cover of TimetippingTimetippingJack M. Dann11/1/1975StoryAdultOriginally published in Epoch (anthology), November 1975
Cover of A Little Something for Us TempunautsA Little Something for Us TempunautsPhilip K. Dick5/1/1975StoryAdultScience FictionOriginally published in the long out-of-print anthology Final Stage. Reprinted several times, including in The Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
Cover of Bid Time ReturnBid Time ReturnRichard Matheson1/1/1975NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalHypnosis1970s, San Diego1890s, San DiegoSuffering from a brain tumor and spending his last days at the Hotel del Coronado, Richard Collier becomes entranced with an old photo of Elise McKenna, an actress from the 1890s. He discovers a way, using self-hypnosis, to go back in time and court her.This was the basis for the 1980 film Somewhere in Time .
Cover of The Forever WarThe Forever WarJoe Haldeman12/1/1974NovelAdultMilitary Science Fiction
Cover of Time Enough for LoveTime Enough for LoveRobert Heinlein6/19/1973NovelAdultScience FictionSeveral short stories with a common protagonost, told with a framing story that pulls them together. Not all of the tales nvolves time travel
Cover of At the Narrow PassageAt the Narrow PassageRichard C. Meredith5/2/1973NovelAdultScience FictionTimeliner Trilogy, Book 1
Cover of 0.5006944444444440.500694444444444Richard A. Lupoff1/1/1973StoryAdultScience FictionDisfiguration of time causing a time loop1 PM on a day in the 1970s12:01 PM on the same dayNew York executive Myron Castleman relives the same hour - from 12:01 to 1 PM - over and over again.First published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and currently available in the The Time Travel Megapack. Later made into a 1990 short film and 1993 made-for-TV movie. A similar idea is used in the 1993 film Groundhog Day .
Cover of The Man Who Folded HimselfThe Man Who Folded HimselfDavid Gerrold1/1/1973NovelAdultScience FictionTimebelt19751950s, 1999, and other timesDaniel Eakins, a college student, receives a timebelt from a mysterious "Uncle Jim", and proceeds to travel forward and backward in time, meeting different versions of himself.Gerrold also penned the famous Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles".
Cover of Forever to a Hudson Bay BlanketForever to a Hudson Bay BlanketJames Tiptree, Jr.8/1/1972StoryAdultScience FictionOriginally published in Fantastic, August 1972
Cover of Time's Last GiftTime's Last GiftPhilip Jose Farmer1/1/1972NovelAdultScience FictionTimeship207012,000 BCA group of anthropologists travel back to 12,000 BC to study the Magdalenian culture in Europe.Part of Farmer's "Wold Newton Universe" book series.
Cover of Dinosaur BeachDinosaur BeachKeith Laumer1/1/1971NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Seven Steps to the SunSeven Steps to the SunFred and Geoffrey Hoyle7/1/1970NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of ChronoculesChronoculesD.G. Compton1/1/1970NovelAdultScience FictionTime device1980s CornwallThe futureAt a secret research facility at Penheniot Village in dystopian 1980s Cornwall, scientists (and one last villager) attempt to escape from their deteriorating era via a time travel device.Alternately titled Hot Wireless Sets, Aspirin Tablets, the Sandpaper Sides of Used Matchboxes, and Something that Might have been Castor Oil . Really!
Cover of Tao ZeroTao ZeroPoul Anderson1/1/1970NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Year of the Quiet SunThe Year of the Quiet SunWilson Tucker1/1/1970NovelAdultScience FictionTDV (time displacement vehicle)19781980, 1999, 2000, and beyondBiblical scholar Brian Chaney is recruited by secret government program utilizing time travel. On his first mission, he is sent two years into the future by the President of the United States to see if he has won the next election.
Cover of Time and AgainTime and AgainJack Finney1/1/1970NovelAdultLiterary / HistoricalHypnosis1960s New York1882 New YorkWhen advertising artist Simon Morley is recruited to join a covert government operation exploring the possibility of time travel, he jumps at the chance to leave his twentieth-century existence and step into New York City in January 1882.In 1995 Finney published a sequel, From Time to Time, in which Morley travels to 1911 to prevent World War I.
Cover of Time TrapTime TrapKeith Laumer1/1/1970NovelAdultScience FictionTime Trap, Book 1
Cover of Behold the ManBehold the ManMichael Moorcock1/1/1969NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine197028 ADKarl Glogauer travels back to AD 28 in a quest to meet Jesus, and is taken up by John the Baptist and his followers. But the historical Christ is not what he expected.Originally a novella published in 1966 in New Worlds . Later expanded to a novel.
Cover of Slaughter-house FiveSlaughter-house FiveKurt Vonnegut1/1/1969NovelAdultLiteraryStress1940s-1960sVarious points in Billy's lifetime, including 1945 in DresdenBilly Pilgrim, a World War II veteran who witnessed the bombing of Dresden as a prisoner of war, becomes unstuck in time at moments of stress and lives past and future moments of his life. At one point he is abducted by the Tralfamadorians, an alien race who can see in the fourth dimension, allowing them to observe any point in time. Time travel is only a motif in Vonnegut's novel of war, fatalism and absurdity.
Cover of The House on the StrandThe House on the StrandDaphne du Maurier1/1/1969NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalDrug1960s England14th Century EnglandBy taking a drug developed by his friend Magnus, Dick Young is able to travel back for a brief period of time to the environs of Magnus' house in the 14th century. His love for Isolda, the lady of the manor, impels him to repeat the experience and become addicted to the drug.An interesting concept where the time traveler is in the past mentally, but still in the present time physically - which can lead to some dangers, such as walking down the middle of the road!
Cover of Up the LineUp the LineRobert Silverberg1/1/1969NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine2059, New OrleansAncient Byzantium and other points in historyJudd Elliot III, a Time Courier for the Time Service, leads tour groups "up the line" into the past to see to Byzantium in the ancient and medieval eras.The book is noted (mostly in a bad way) for its sex. Silverberg also wrote Hawksbill Station .
Cover of Dr. OrpheusDr. OrpheusIan Wallace9/1/1968NovelAdultScience FictionCroyd Spacetime Maneuvres, Book 2
Cover of Hawksbill StationHawksbill StationRobert Silverberg1/1/1968NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine21st centuryPrecambrian era (over 1 billion years in the past)Using a one-way time machine, an authoritarian regime in the 21st century sends dissidents to a penal colony in the Precambrian era known as Hawksbill Station.A short story precursor was published by Galaxy Science Fiction in 1967.
Cover of CroydCroydIan Wallace9/1/1967NovelAdultScience FictionCroyd Spacetime Maneuvres, Book 1
Cover of Hawksbill StationHawksbill StationRobert Silverberg8/1/1967NovellaAdultScience FictionOriginally appeared in Galaxy, August 1967
Cover of The Time HoppersThe Time HoppersRobert Silverberg5/1/1967NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Technicolor Time MachineThe Technicolor Time MachineHarry Harrison1/1/1967NovelAdultScience Fiction / HumorTime Machine1960s, HollywoodAround the year 1000In a bid to save his failing studio, Barney Hendrickson enlists a mad scientist named Professor Hewitt, who has invented a time machine. He winds up traveling to the past to cheaply film a historical movie about the Viking settlement in Newfoundland - complete with real Vikings!First published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact .
Cover of The Man from WhenThe Man from WhenDannie Plachta7/1/1966StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorTime Machine?1960s18 minutes into the futureMr. Smith is mixing a martini when an explosion is followed by the appearance of a time traveler who claims his experiment destroyed the Earth of his time - which happens to be 18 minutes into the future!First published in Worlds of If Science Fiction, July 1966.
Cover of Now Wait for Last YearNow Wait for Last YearPhilip K. Dick1/1/1966NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Ship that Sailed the Time StreamThe Ship that Sailed the Time StreamG.C. Edmondson1/1/1965NovellaAdultScience FictionLightning1960s, Pacific10th century, North AtlanticAn experimental navy ship is struck by lightning and sent 1000 years into the past - and in the path of a Viking warship.
Cover of The Great Time Machine HoaxThe Great Time Machine HoaxKeith Laumer9/1/1964NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Farnham's FreeholdFarnham's FreeholdRobert Heinlein1/1/1964NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Time TunnelThe Time TunnelMurray Leinster1/1/1964NovelAdultScience FictionTime tunnel1964 Paris1804 FranceHarrison discovers a time tunnel between two cannons - one in 1964 and one in 1804 - allows people and things to travel to both times. Soon antiques are moving to the 1960s and modern inventions to the Napoleonic era. But will all this change the course of history?Basis for the TV series The Time Tunnel .
Cover of Planet of the ApesPlanet of the ApesPierre Boulle1/1/1963NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Face in the PhotoThe Face in the PhotoJack Finney10/13/1962StoryAdultOriginally published as "Time Has No Boundaries" in the 10/13/62 issue of the Saturday Evening Post
Cover of Where the Cluetts AreWhere the Cluetts AreJack Finney1/1/1962StoryAdultOriginally published in the January 1962 issue of McCall's
Cover of The Other End of the LineThe Other End of the LineWalter Tevis11/1/1961StoryAdultScience FictionTelephone1960s America2 months into the futureA man dials his own number by accident and winds up talking to himself two months into the future.First published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction .
Cover of I Love Galesburg in the SpringtimeI Love Galesburg in the SpringtimeJack Finney4/1/1960StoryAdultoriginally published in the April 1960 issue of McCall's
Cover of The Only Game In TownThe Only Game In TownPoul Anderson1/1/1960NovelleteAdultScience FictionPart of the Time Patrol series, this story first published in the January, 1960 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Cover of Brave To Be A KingBrave To Be A KingPoul Anderson8/1/1959NovelleteAdultScience FictionPart of the Time Patrol series, this story first published in the August, 1959 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Cover of All you ZombiesAll you ZombiesRobert Heinlein1/1/1959StoryAdultScience FictionTime Machine1970 America1945, 1963, 1985, 1993Though the twin miracles of time travel and a sex change operation, a bartender manages to become his own mother and father.First published in Fantasy and Science Fiction (after being turned down by Playboy ).
Cover of The Ugly Little BoyThe Ugly Little BoyIsaac Asimov9/1/1958StoryAdultScience FictionFirst appeared under the title "Lastborn" in September 1958 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction. Later expanded with Robert Silverberg into a novel of the same name and as Child of Time.
Cover of The Men Who Murdered MohammedThe Men Who Murdered MohammedAlfred Bester1/1/1958StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorTime Machine1950s America1902, 1775, and other yearsA mad scientist builds a time machine to revenge himself on his adulterous wife by killing her grandparents in their youth.First published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction .
Cover of The Time TradersThe Time TradersAndre Norton1/1/1958NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Double IndemnityDouble IndemnityRobert Sheckley10/1/1957NoveletteAdultScience FictionFlipper (time machine)Some future age1912 New York, 1869 Memphis, 1676 Prussia, and other eras. After taking out a temporal insurance policy, Everett Barthold searches for a look-alike ancestor in the past who will allow him to fake his death.Collected in Store of the Worlds - the Stories of Robert Sheckley .
Cover of Below the SaltBelow the SaltThomas Costain8/1/1957NovelAdultHistorical Fiction
Cover of Soldier from TomorrowSoldier from TomorrowHarlan Ellison1/1/1957StoryAdultScience FictionEnergy weapon misfireThousands of years in the future1950s USAA soldier from thousands of years in the future whose only purpose is to kill is sent back to the mid-20th century through a freak accident, and is "civilized" by a philologist and government agent.Originally published in Fantastic Universe . Later an episode in the "Outer Limits" television show. Ellison sued The Terminator for plagiarism and won a out-of-court settlement, even though the overall plot is not very similar.
Cover of The Door Into SummerThe Door Into SummerRobert Heinlein1/1/1957NovelAdultScience FictionTime Machine2000 USA1970 USAAfter being betrayed by his business partner and fiance, inventor Daniel Boone Davis goes into suspended animation for 30 years. Waking up in the year 2000, he learns of a time machine that could allow him to go back into his past to exact revenge.Heinlein got the idea for the title from his wife, who, when their cat refused to leave the house, remarked that he was "looking for a door into summer".
Cover of The Seventh VoyageThe Seventh VoyageStanislaw Lem1/1/1957StoryAdultScience FictionGravitational vortex23rd Century, on a spaceshipA few days to months into the past on the spaceshipAfter a meteor damages his spaceship in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, Ijon Tichy steers the ship into a gravitational vortex in order to meet himself in the past and lend a hand in repairs.Appears in the collection The Star Diaries .
Cover of The Stars My DestinationThe Stars My DestinationAlfred Bester10/1/1956NovelAdultScience FictionThe primary plot of this novel is not about time travel, but some time traveling does occur near the end of the storyline. Story was first serialized in four parts in Galaxy Magazine, beginning with the October 1956 issue.
Cover of The Man Who Came EarlyThe Man Who Came EarlyPoul Anderson6/1/1956StoryAdultScience FictionOriginally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1956
Cover of Second ChanceSecond ChanceJack Finney4/1/1956StoryAdultOriginally published in the April 1956 issue of Good Housekeeping
Cover of ExtemporeExtemporeDamon Knight1/1/1956StoryAdultScience FictionFasting and meditation1955 New YorkMany different eras in past and presentNew York dishwasher Albert Rossi develops a mental technique for time travel - but is unable to control it once started.First published in Infinity Science Fiction.
Cover of Delenda EstDelenda EstPoul Anderson12/1/1955NovelleteAdultScience FictionPart of the Time Patrol series, this story first published in the December, 1955 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Cover of Time PatrolTime PatrolPoul William Anderson5/1/1955StoryAdultScience FictionTime Shuttle (metal box)1954 USAThe Oligocene, 1894 London and other erasManse Everard is recruited from 1954 for the Time Patrol, a force whose purpose is to police the time lanes and keep the past from being altered.Additional Time Patrol stories and two novels, The Year of the Ransom and The Shield of Time , were published between 1959 and 1995.
Cover of The Discovery of Morniel MathawayThe Discovery of Morniel MathawayWilliam Tenn1/1/1955StoryAdultScience Fiction / HumorTime Machine25th centuryMid-20th centuryFailed artist Mathaway is approached by an art historian from the future who claims he is to become a world-famous painter.Adapted as a radio drama.
Cover of The End of EternityThe End of EternityIsaac Asimov1/1/1955NovelAdultScience FictionKettle (temporal elevator)575th century1932 and other erasAndrew Harlan is a technician for an organization called Eternity. Eternals travel freely from the 27th century to the distant future and create "Reality Changes" to ease human suffering, though at the cost of stagnant technological progress. After falling into a forbidden love affair with a non-Eternal, Noys Lambent, Harlan resolves to prevent the development of time travel in the 24th century and thus erase Eternity from existence.Considered a prequel to Asimov's Empire series.
Cover of ExperimentExperimentFredric Brown2/1/1954Flash FictionAdultScience Fiction / HumorTime Machine (miniature)1950s?A few minutes into the future or pastA professor exhibits a new time machine that can send a brass cube a few minutes into the past or future - with disastrous results!
Cover of AnachronAnachronDamon Knight1/1/1954StoryAdultOriginally published in If, January 1954
Cover of Hall of MirrorsHall of MirrorsFredric Brown12/1/1953StoryAdultOriginally published in Galaxy Science Fiction, December 1953
Cover of Bring the JubileeBring the JubileeWard Moore1/1/1953NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalTime Machine1952, Confederate States of America1863, GettysburgIn an alternate reality where the Confederacy has won the Civil War, a historian named Hodge travels back to the Battle of Gettysburg in a time machine and inadvertently changes the outcome to a Union victory, stranding him in our reality (which seems an alternate reality to him).An early example of a novel that imagines the consequences if the South had won the Civil War.
Cover of The Third LevelThe Third LevelJack Finney10/1/1952StoryAdultOriginally published in the October 1952 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Cover of A Sound of ThunderA Sound of ThunderRay Bradbury6/28/1952StoryAdultScience FictionTime Machine2055Late JurassicA company called Time Safari Inc. transports wealthy sportsmen back in time to hunt dinosaurs.This famous story contains an early example of the Butterfly Effect. First appeard in Colliers Magazine, June 28, 1952
Cover of I'm ScaredI'm ScaredJack Finney9/1/1951StoryAdultOriginally published in the September, 1951 issue of Collier's
Cover of Such Interesting NeighborsSuch Interesting NeighborsJack Finney1/1/1951StoryAdultOriginally published in the January, 1951 issue of Collier's
Cover of Time and AgainTime and AgainClifford D. Simak1/1/1951NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of Pebble in the SkyPebble in the SkyIsaac Asimov1/1/1950NovelAdultScience FictionNuclear accident1940s Chicago10,000 or more years into the future (Earth)While walking down the street, retired tailor Joseph Schwartz is transported by a nuclear accident many thousands of years into the future.Asimov's first published novel.
Cover of Brooklyn ProjectBrooklyn ProjectWilliam Tenn9/1/1948StoryAdultScience FictionOriginally published in Planet Stories, Fall 1948
Cover of Time TrapTime TrapCharles L. Harness8/1/1948NoveletteAdultOriginally published in Astounding, August 1948
Cover of Vintage SeasonVintage SeasonCatherine L. Moore1/1/1946NovellaAdultScience FictionUnknownSome future age1940s USAOliver Wilson's strange new tenants are in fact time traveling tourists from the future.Co-authored by Henry Kuttner. Robert Silverburg wrote a sequel called "In Another Country". "Vintage Season" itself was loosely adapted to the screen as the 1992 film Timescape.
Cover of Le Voyageur imprudentLe Voyageur imprudentRene Barjavel1/1/1944NovelAdultScience FictionTime traveling substance1940sPast, 2050s, 300,000 ADDuring World War II, soldier Pierre Saint Menoux experiments with a time traveling substance developed by physicist Noel Essaillon. He visits the past, near future, and distant future.Published in English as Future Times Three in 1958. Introduces the Grandfather Paradox.
Cover of By His BootstrapsBy His BootstrapsRobert Heinlein10/1/1941NovellaAdultScience FictionTime Gate1940s30,000 years in the futureGraduate student Bob Wilson is visited by a time traveler from the future who appears out of a six-foot hole in his room. The stranger invites Bob to visit the future with him.First published under the pen name Anson MacDonald in Astounding Science Fiction . Appeared in Heinlein's 1959 collection The Menace from Earth .
Cover of Yesterday Was MondayYesterday Was MondayTheodore Sturgeon6/1/1941StoryAdultFantasy
Cover of Lest Darkness FallLest Darkness FallLyon Sprague de Camp1/1/1939NovelAdultScience Fiction / HistoricalLightning1938 Rome535 RomeAmerican archeologist Martin Padway is struck by lightning while visiting Rome's Pantheon, and transported back to 535 AD, when Rome was under the rule of the Ostrogoths. As he begins introducing modern innovations, Padway hopes to shore up the Western Roman Empire and prevent the Dark Ages from descending. One of the first "alternate history" novels. First published in Unknown as a short story.
Cover of The Shadow Out of TimeThe Shadow Out of TimeH.P. Lovecraft1/1/1936NovellaAdultScience Fiction / HorrorSwitching bodiesEarly 20th century250 million years in the pastWhen Nathaniel Peaslee is possessed by a Yithian, an extraterrestrial race who settled on earth 250 million years ago and are able to switch bodies with hosts in both space and time, he is deemed insane. After the episode he researches similar cases, where individuals reported seeing the ancient Yithian civilization during their periods of madness. First published in Astounding Stories
Cover of Tryst in TimeTryst in TimeCatherine L. Moore1/1/1936StoryAdultScience FictionMetal backpack1930s USAElizabethan, Medieval, and Roman eras, and many other placesAdventurer extraordinaire Eric Rosner agrees to test a scientist friend's time travel device. Traveling through different eras, he continues to meet the same beautiful woman over and over again in different lives. First published in Astounding Stories .
Cover of Armageddon 2419 A.D.Armageddon 2419 A.D.Philip Francis Nowlan1/1/1928NovellaAdultScience FictionRadioactive gas1927 Pennsylvania2419 PennsylvaniaWorld War I veteran Anthony Rogers, investigating mines for the American Radio Active Gas Corporation, is exposed to radio active gas and sleeps in suspended animation for nearly 500 years.First published in Amazing Stories . Later adapted as the comic strip Buck Rogers .
Cover of Enoch SoamesEnoch SoamesMax Beerbohm1/1/1916StoryAdultLiterary (humor)Devil1897 London1997 London (Reading Room of British Museum)An obscure poet, Enoch Soames makes a pact with the Devil to sell his soul in return for one afternoon spent 100 years in the future, where he can enjoy his posthumous fame. First published in The Century Magazine .
Cover of The Star of the Sea: A Historical NovelThe Star of the Sea: A Historical NovelN. Ter Gregor1/1/1897NovelAdultFantasyUK author, possibly the working name of a person of Armenian descent, of The Star of the Sea: A Historical Novel (1897), a tale which if published a century later would have been described as dizzyingly Equipoisal: the protagonists of the tale, beginning in Persia in the sixth century BCE, finally achieve romantic union after travels Underground,Under the Sea, to the Moon, and into the deep past and to Victorian England via magical Time Travel. A vision is also provided of a future era, not specifically dated, where a Utopia, combining sage Religion and advanced Technology, flourishes
Cover of The British BarbariansThe British BarbariansGrant Allen1/1/1895NovelAdultScience Fiction
Cover of The Time MachineThe Time MachineH.G. Wells1/1/1895NovelAdultScience FictionTime machine1890s England800,000 and then 30 million years into the futureThe Time Traveler, a Victorian scientist, develops a machine that can move through time, the fourth dimension. He recounts his travels at a dinner party, including a visit 800,000 years into the future, where he meets two races that humans have evolved into: the lovely but indolent Eloi and the violent, ground-dwelling Morlocks.Popularized the notion of a "time machine" and time travel fiction in general. Sequels written by other authors include K.W. Jeter's Morlock Night . The "authorized" sequel is The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter.
Cover of Golf in the Year 2000Golf in the Year 2000J. McCullough1/1/1892NovelAdultLiterary (social)Sleep1892 Scotland2000 ScotlandScottish golfer Alexander Gibson goes to bed in 1892 and wakes up in the year 2000.Known for its fairly accurate predictions of 2000, including bullet trains, television, and equality for women.
Cover of Tourmalin's Time ChequesTourmalin's Time ChequesF. Anstey (pseudonym for Thomas A. Guthrie)1/1/1891NovelAdultLiterary (humor)Time chequeLater in the 1890s, EnglandEarlier in 1890s, on sea voyageBored on a sea voyage from Australia back to England, Peter Tourmalin is approached by a stranger and offered a chance to deposit his excess time in a "time bank", which can be withdrawn later on by writing a check and presenting it to any clock.
Cover of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtMark Twain1/1/1889NovelAdultLiterary (satire)Blow to head1880s USA6th century EnglandA practical Yankee receives a blow to the head and wakes up in Camelot. He humiliates and ultimately overthrows Arthur and his court.A political satire written as a reaction to the Medievalism then popular in England. Ends in a grim scene of machine gun fire and barbed wire that foreshadows the First World War.
Cover of A Dream of John BallA Dream of John BallWilliam Morris1/1/1888NovelAdultLiterary (social and historical)Dream1890s England1381Waking from a dream, the 19th Century narrator finds himself in Medieval England around the time of the Peasant's Revolt of 1381, and meets the Lollard priest John Ball, one of the leaders of the revolt. A well known Medievalist and socialist, Morris' aim in the novel was to show the shortcomings of the technologically-driven modern age, as contrasted with the mainly agrarian Middle Ages.
Cover of Looking Backward: 2000-1887Looking Backward: 2000-1887Edward Bellamy1/1/1888NovelAdultUtopian fictionHypnosis1887, America2000, AmericaJulian West falls into a hypnosis-induced sleep and wakes up 113 years later, in the year 2000, when the United States has become a Socialist utopia.One of the great best-sellers of its day, and many "Bellamy Clubs" met to discuss the book.
Cover of The Chronic ArgonautsThe Chronic ArgonautsH.G. Wells1/1/1888StoryAdultScience FictionTime machine1880s WalesVarious times in past and present, such as 1862 and 4003A mysterious inventor arrives in a peaceful Welsh town and engages in what the locals believe is witchcraft, but what is later revealed to be time travelFirst published by the Royal College of Science.
Cover of The Clock that Went BackwardThe Clock that Went BackwardEdward Page Mitchell1/1/1881StoryAdultScience FictionDutch clockLate 19th century Holland1570s HollandTwo American brothers and their professor at the University of Leyden wind up a dead aunt's old clock, which runs backwards, and are transported back to the siege of Leyden by the Spanish.First published in The Sun .
Cover of The Great RomanceThe Great RomanceAnonymous ("The Inhabitant")1/1/1881NovelAdultUtopian FictionSleep (sleeping draught)19502143Scientist John Hope was put into suspended animation i n 1950 as part of an experiment. He wakes up 193 years later, in an enlightened society where telepathy is common - as are space voyages to Venus.First published in New Zealand. The author is identified in articles as "Henry Honor". The book was out of print for over a century, until copies were discovered in a New Zealand library.
Cover of An Anachronism, or Missing One's CoachAn Anachronism, or Missing One's CoachAnonymous1/1/1838StoryAdultLiterary (historical)Dream1830s England700s EnglandThe narrator climbs a hill near Newcastle while waiting for a train, sleeps, and wakes up in the 8th century.First published in Dublin University Magazine .
Cover of Rip Van WinkleRip Van WinkleWashington Irving1/1/1819StoryAdultFairytaleGhost of Henry Hudson and his men (who resemble fairies)Before the American Revolution, New York stateTwenty or more years into the futureThe idler Rip Van Winkle meets some strangely dressed men on a hillside, falls asleep, and wakes up twenty years later, finding that in the meantime the American Revolution has occurred and his shrew of a wife has died.First published in Irving's famous collection, A Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.
Cover of Anno 7603Anno 7603Johan Herman Wessel1/1/1781PlayAdultFairytaleFairy18th century7603A fairy transports Julie and Leander to the strange world of far distant year 7603, when (heavens!) only women can fight in the military.
Cover of Sleeping BeautySleeping BeautyCharles Perrault1/1/1697StoryAdultFairytaleSleep (from a fairy spell)Some past era100 years in the futureAn evil fairy curse dooms the Princess to death when she pricks her finger on a spindle, but a good fairy changes the curse so that she will only sleep until rescued by the kiss from a prince.A story from Perrault's celebrated Mother Goose Tales.